Stylish mustaches for breakfast

By now you will be tired of seeing mustaches everywhere: in chocolate molds, biscuits, in decorations for cakes or cupcakes, in lollipops and now we even have stylish mustaches for breakfast. The manager is Peter Ibruegger and is that taking advantage of this current furor has created a series the sea of ​​beautiful.

Six different models of breakfast cups on the occasion of different mustaches in black, from the most classic to the modern or even baroque mustache. And if you prefer in color there is also the "redhead" version of the cups of course to give a more cheerful air to our mornings.

What I liked the most? That the designer does not finish his project there, and in addition to cups he has also designed matching dishes and even a bowler hat for the sugar bowl or the cup of tea. They're ideal!

I hope these stylish mustaches for breakfast they have been as attractive to me, and that is that between all the different models of cups that Peter has created and the so ideal complements to combine, it will cost me to decide just for one.

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