Weekly menu from September 29 to October 5

The truth is that what time I think about it, it might be a bit cruel to program the weekly menu with our best recipes of the last seven days every Monday just before lunchtime. But well, so sure you fancy all the recipes I propose and you can organize a rich week of meals.

We always start with snacks, but really the day starts with breakfast, so we should start with these seven breakfasts for each day of the week.

But well, let's go back to snacks, that this week we have three very different from which to choose: one of Greek inspiration and two of Italian. The helena-inspired appetizer is a Greek Tzatziki, a yogurt, mint and cucumber sauce perfect for dipping, but also to accompany meats and vegetables.

The Italian-inspired snacks They are a double pesto toast with natural tuna and some mini pumpkin pizzas with blue cheese and sobrasada, although on second thought, these two ingredients are not too transalpine.

We don't leave Italy for the first dish, because now he plays some pasta with which to take energy to face the afternoon. We can choose between spaghetti sauteed with cherry tomatoes and bacon or, if we feel like something more forceful, these tubetti with hunting sauce.

For him second course We have fish-like meat dishes, as well as a delicious fig chutney garnish. So, for example, we have a spectacular Julian marmitako, a beautiful hake cake, leeks and poppy seeds, or a cod recipe with au gratin aioli. If we prefer meat, then the choice is these chicken breasts all'Arrabbiata.

We now arrive at our favorite section, that of sweets and desserts, undoubtedly presided over by this beautiful cake of butter cream, raspberries and mascarpone that is wonderful, although it must be said that the rest of this week is not far behind, because the bizcoflan looks great, and I would eat each of the Orange cookies and peanuts and muffins with cinnamon streusel.

Until next week!

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