Pantelligent, the bluetooth pan for inexperienced (or very meticulous) cooks

Do you know those pans that have a red dot in the center that changes color depending on the temperature? They help to know when the pan has the right temperature, and thus put the meat or fish at the right time. As well, Pantelligent is a Bluetooth pan that takes that idea to the limit, allowing us to know the exact temperature of the pan at all times.

This is achieved through a temperature sensor in the center, and a Bluetooth transmitter in the handle, which communicates with an application on our smartphone or tablet, which is where we can see the current temperature, as well as a graph with the evolution of the temperature.

But that's not all, and is that the application of Pantelligent ("Bread" is a pan in English, if you were intrigued by the name) includes a lot of recipes designed to guide us step by step during the process, and that what we cook comes out just as well every time.

So, for example, if we are going to cook a salmon steak, just choose the corresponding recipe and indicate the thickness of the steak. Then we put the pan on the fire and We wait for directions. The application will tell us when to place the salmon in the pan, when to turn it over and when to remove it, calculating the times based on the temperature. It will also tell us if we should raise the fire or lower it to cook the food at the right temperature.

Undoubtedly an interesting idea that, if extended and effective, would definitely remove all kitchen thermometers and make our lives much easier. If you want to be among the first to test this invention, you can support the kickstarter campaign and make yourself with this smart pan for just under 200 euros.