This is 200 calories of Christmas meals

I didn't know whether to post this before or after Christmas Eve and Christmas. If I did it before, I was going to scare you, and I didn't want you to stop enjoying the delicacies you prepared, and if I did later, they were going to eat you regrets. So I warn you now of how much are 200 calories of Christmas meals and you already decide that the diet better as a New Year's purpose.

From the Calorific application they have created these images that illustrate How many different typical Christmas meals do you need to reach 200 calories?: baked turkey, cava, ham, potatoes, sauces, sweets, chocolates ... nothing has been left.

For example, to add 200 calories of turkey or baked ham it takes four or five slices (It is surprising that the turkey has more calories than roasted ham) while with only a few chocolate coins or candy canes we already reach that same amount of calories.

Drinks are not saved either, and a glass of wine or cider or two of cava already make us reach that same amount of calories, so it is not necessary to be a mathematician to know that in these dinners the calorie counter leaves the graphs. But hey, one night is one night, and we're not going to be counting calories these days.

Merry Christmas!

Video: This Is What 200 Calories Of Your Favorite Christmas Foods Look Like (March 2020).