How to make dark chocolate mug cake. Recipe

Finally a biscuit that is fashionable and on top is prepared in a minute so easily, that even if you have never entered the kitchen you will be able to get it done. He dark chocolate mug cake It is ideal for those moments when we feel like having a cake with a coffee, something delicious for dessert or snack and in our pantry there is nothing sweet left.

Mug cakes do not replace a cake baked in the traditional way, but they will serve you perfectly on those occasions that you are alone and do not want to start cookingOf course, it is not a cake to keep, because it quickly hardens and loses its soft crumb, so when you do it you must keep in mind that it is because you are going to take it shortly, but the truth is that it is so simple to prepare that you will never get lazy.


For 1 piece
  • Pastry dark chocolate 70 g
  • Butter 30 g
  • Egg M 1
  • 20 g sugar
  • 20 g pastry flour

How to make dark chocolate mug cake

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 10 m
  • Elaboration 5 m
  • 5 m cooking

In a microwave-safe bowl, chop the chocolate and add the butter. we put both ingredients in the microwave and melt at 800 w for one minute , we remove and stir, if the chocolate is not yet dissolved we will give it 15 seconds of time until we see it melted and watching that it does not burn.

Then we add the egg, stir with some rods and then the sugar and flour, gently integrating these ingredients. We pour the mixture in the crockery bowl where we go to cook the mug cake at three quarters of its capacity and we microwave for a minute at 800W putting it to cook one by one if we want to prepare several, and always on the edge of the microwave turntable.

We remove it from the microwave, we check that it is cooked to our liking And we serve quickly.

With what to accompany the dark chocolate mug cake

No doubt the dark chocolate mug cake It is perfect to satisfy any chocolate craving. Mug cakes are eaten freshly cooked accompanied by whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream to our liking.

Video: 1 Minute Perfect Chocolate Mug Cake in Microwave (February 2020).