Walk through the gastronomy of the Network: at Christmas, roasts of meat for all tastes

We are already on November 17 and as we say goodbye Christmas is thrown at us. That is why I have already begun to propose themes that inspire us for our family menus next month, such as the one we chose for this Walk through the gastronomy of the Network: at Christmas, roasts of meat for all tastes.

Perhaps because of the recommendations of the WHO, there have not been many suggestions this week and I have had to resort to searching blogs that have published recipes according to the subject. For next week you will like the topic so I hope you participate flooding the gastronomic blogosphere with recipes.

We begin the Walk for the Gastronomy of the Network with the recipe of baked leg of lamb in the Persian style that Carmen de Well, take two cups He has sent us and whose photograph presides over this entry. It looks so good that you have no doubt that I will try it soon.

We continue with another recipe of lamb, that of Lamb with honey The cherry blossoms, which has prepared some ribs or lamb carriages until they are ready.


Pilar liked our proposal so much Per sucar-Hipa He sent us two recipes for the tour, specifically an oxtail pie that I liked a lot or a good way to present the grilled meat with his sirloin with rosti and ceps.

If you feel like roasting pork, surely you like this recipe for roasted knuckle with sauerkraut, which Apicius has published on the blog The kitchen step by step and that officiates through two cooking techniques since it first cooks and then roasts this pork cut, so it is tender and very juicy and at the same time golden on the outside **.

Also in the blog Recipes and something else they have cooked pork chops in the oven after marinating them with a great result. In the blog of I want to be famousThey have prepared a secret of grilled pork, which we really want.

We continue with another very appetizing recipe. This has been sent to us by Lola from the blog Lola in the Kitchen and it is a roast pork to eat cold, with a fig sauce. Surely this recipe for Christmas parties will be good for more than one.

To end this week's walk dedicated to meat, we leave you with a shoulder of lamb with pumpkin sauce and mint Bétulo's cook and with a recipe for pork tenderloin cooked in the oven with vegetables made by Beatriz del Blog 2 mandarins in my kitchen.

Next week our Walk through the gastronomy of the Network will go for snacks and snacks for Christmas menus, so start thinking about toasts, canapés, cups and other small format snacks with which to start your family reunions. Remember that you must publish them this week and send us the link to your publications through an email addressed to our email: [email protected].

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