Useful tips to achieve a balanced menu this Christmas

If you still do not finish planning the dishes that will make up Christmas Eve dinner but you are clear that you are looking for a balanced menu this Christmas, we leave you some tips that will help you achieve it.

Balanced but tasty and traditional

Balance in a menu or a meal it is not a meaning of boring, not very tasty or far from the traditional for these dates, but we can achieve a very pleasant and at the same time balanced dinner.

A balanced menu is one that presents the proper proportion of all nutrients that our body needs, therefore, speaks to us not only of quality but also of quantity, but it does not influence the flavors or presentation of it.

In order for our menu to be balanced, it is important to consider the nutrients offered by each preparation or recipe as well as whether it will be a dessert, a snack or a main dish, as we clearly will not consume the same amounts of an entree as of a second dish.

Given this, we can achieve a balanced menu or with adequate amounts of different nutrients, for this Christmas.

Tips to achieve a balanced menu this Christmas

To start planning a balanced menu that gathers all the nutrients in appropriate proportions, it is essential define how many dishes we will include in the same.

That is, if we are going to make appetizer, starter, main course, desserts and sweets, we must distribute all the nutrients among them and we can do without some nutrients in some dishes because in the rest we can cover their presence.

The nutrients that we must observe are the macro: hydrates, proteins, fats and fiber, while we must know what vitamins and minerals will be present but, the greater the variety of ingredients and colors, the more diversity of these micronutrients we will have.

If we plan to make a five-part menu (following the previous example), we will start by deciding which or what the appetizers will be and then attend the nutritional balance in the remaining dishes.

We can also find a balance in each dish, that is, if in the appetizer we make some toasts or skewers that include hydrates, proteins and fats, for example: some toasts with salmon and vegetables or some skewers of potatoes, serrano ham, olives and Tomato, we will be making all the macronutrients present in a single dish.

If as an appetizer we only place pita bread toasted and hummus, for example, we will be prioritizing the presence of fats and hydrates, but we will lack fiber and proteins that we can guarantee in the entree for example, with a tasty salad that includes egg, cheese or some meat .

And so we will do it successively with the rest of the dishes that make up the menu, always considering that between desserts and sweets we usually have many fats and hydrates, so we can reduce these nutrients in the first intakes of the menu.

Also, we must not forget that drinks also provide nutrients, so if we offer juices or drinks sweets, we must consider their contribution of hydrates, vitamins and / or minerals to dinner.

By last, vary colors and ingredients It is an excellent option to achieve a balance, because if we choose as a starter a salad with vegetables and fish, perhaps we can choose a main dish in which there is some cereal and red meat to compensate and thus, balance our Christmas menu.

With all these tricks in mind, you can put together a balanced menu, very tasty, colorful and traditional for this Christmas.

Examples of balanced menu for Christmas

To not leave only the above tips, we offer two balanced menu examples for the next holiday season:

Example 1

  • Appetizer: Salmon, cream cheese and honey canape
  • Starter: Crispy Lombard salad with persimón and pomegranate.
  • Main course: Lamb roasted with thyme and baked potatoes.
  • Dessert: Mini pavlovas with lemon curd and berries.
  • Sweets: Crunchy chocolate nougat and coconut cookies with cranberry jam.

Example 2

  • Appetizer: Apple, nut and gorgonzola patties
  • Starter: Shrimp Bisque
  • Main course: Roasted veal round with Moroccan style rice
  • Dessert: Tangerine and Pomegranate Sorbet
  • Sweets: Marquises and easy marzipan chocolates with hazelnut kernels

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