Eat Healthy Live on the Palate (XXXVII): the light menu of the month

If we plan our diet correctly we can achieve a light menu and very nutritious to help us Eat healthier to protect the body with a good diet, so, once again we leave you our help that will guide you so you can organize your own healthy menu.

The light menu of the month

As we always say, our light menu each month offers recipes and suggestions for healthier eating, but you can adapt rations, preparations and other aspects of it to your preferences, needs or availability.

We start our light menu leaving the breakfast and / or snack suggestions. Remember that you can choose an option and repeat it or vary the same if you get bored easily eating the same:

  • Glass of milk with whole grain spelled bread with herbs and jam.
  • Tea or coffee with pavé bread or paver of bread with olive oil and tomato.
  • Banana and grape smoothie with whole wheat toast with cheese.
  • Glass of milk and oatmeal bars and dates with spices.

All proposals can be modified using ingredients that are at home and although, the portions are indicated in each selected recipe, you can increase or reduce them according to previous customs, needs and / or preferences.

And now it's time to leave our Proposals for the main meals of each day of the week except Sunday, at which time we leave your choice the menu:

  • Monday: For lunch we recommend a serving of seasonal risotto and for dinner, we propose a portion of Italian burrata salad with dried tomatoes, pine nuts and arugula.
  • Tuesday: the suggestion for the meal is a portion of grilled veal with a salad of beans and buckwheat, and for the night, a hake in green sauce with roasted vegetables.
  • Wednesday: at noon we recommend a serving of breaded chicken rolls with noodles and for dinner a round portion of turkey and apple with fresh vegetable salad.

  • Thursday: The recommendation for the meal is a serving of fresh Navarra pochas and for the night meal, a baked fish with mustard sauce with steamed broccoli.
  • Friday: For the meal we suggest a conchiglie ration with spicy avocado sauce, and for dinner the recommendation is a pumpkin cream and red curried lentils.
  • Saturday: at noon we propose some chicken drumsticks in creamy white wine sauce accompanied with rice, and for dinner a tricolor pepper salad with ventresca of salmon and kumquat.

Here too it is possible to change the size of the portions and / or modify the recipes proposals according to the tastes, preferences or availability of ingredients of each.

If you want to change a dish from one day to another, always remember respect the time of day they were proposed, since the nutrients in each recipe are suitable for dinner or food as established.

Tips to complete the light menu of the month

Besides of menu With the recipes included, we always leave you some tips that help you eat healthier and lighter every day.

On this occasion, we recommend reduce added sugars in the diet, that is, not those that we find in fresh and / or naturally foods, but all the sugars that are added during the processing of a product.

A first step to achieve this is read the food labeling and identify among the ingredients whether or not it has added sugars. In addition, we can avoid sweet and savory processed foods, since the latter also often hide sugars in their composition.

And of course, always try eat and cook more at home It is key if we want to achieve a healthier diet with a lower proportion of added sugars.