The Adrià withdraw sexist advertising (buttocks included) from a party at their local in Ibiza

We pose the following question: Is it necessary to use great female asses to announce a party at an Ibizan restaurant? There really were no excellent male asses among all their models, actors, animators and gogós, to at least alternate in this photo? Or was it a dress code for the party?

In recent days there has been a new controversy related to the objectification of the woman's body and this time she has splashed the Adrià brothers and the founder of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté, who run the Heart Ibiza restaurant-club together.

The Keep On Dancing party poster (held today) showed four women on their backs and only dressed in raucous colored tops and long sleeves. After the stir on Pitiusa Island, the Adriá have withdrawn sexist advertising (buttocks included) from the party at their local Ibiza.

Female Meat Claim

It is not the first time that the publicity of the club shows its interest in the naked female body, but this time it has caused the indignation of social and political groups, including the deputy in the Balearic Parliament for Ibiza, Aitor Morrás, who appealed on Twitter to the trajectory and dignity of the restaurant.

Do you really think @ferranadria @HeartIbiza and @Cirque that this ad is worthy of the place and all your career? #PublicidadMachista

- Aitor Morrás (@AitorMorras) July 17, 2017

The Department of Equality of the Consell de Ibiza, meanwhile, has also issued a statement criticizing "the insensitive and denigrating use made of the image of the woman's body for commercial purposes" in reference to said poster.

"It is surprising that with the highest level of designers and artists working in Ibiza, prestigious companies go easy and decide to project promotional images so rude, that they simply offer the female body as a product, such as a merchandise to use and throw away", declares the Insular Director of Equality of the Council of Ibiza, Judith Romero in the statement.

"Certain chaste campaigns that visually refer us to many years ago do a lot of damage to the image of the island of Ibiza and, in addition, are completely counterproductive and contrary to the policies that are developed from this direction of Equality, destined to become Ibiza in an island of respect and free from sexual aggressions"concludes the director.

In the same statement, the Insular Council of Ibiza celebrates "that the company has finally decided to withdraw this poster and replace it with another, and welcomes the rapid reaction of both groups and citizens of the island of Ibiza, which have led to the company replacing the initial cartel. "

Because that's another: it was a seen and not seen the poster of the asses in the air. Without an explanation or a comment from the company. Direct to the Palate has tried, without success at the moment, to contact those responsible for the programming and promotion of the Club of the Heart Ibiza, to know its version.

What is the Heart Ibiza experience?

Let's say the poster has been a miscalculation of who promotes club parties if it was intended to achieve more impact. Well, impact has had. Negative, but it has. You learn from everything.

Apart from that, What is the Heart Ibiza experience? The project designed under the culinary direction of the Adrià and with the spectacular touch of the founder of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté, consists of leaving the diner open-mouthed: dinner, music and show.

The experience starts at La Terraza, with snacks while deciding which wines and cocktails they will taste later. Subsequently, you access the Lab where you continue with the dinner of dishes to share and delicatessen prepared by the Chefs Rafael Zafra, Albert Adrià and Ricardo Acquista. All this while the live show with acrobats and dancers under the artistic direction of Jose Corraliza.

The last step consists of a tasting of delicious desserts and finally, from one o'clock in the morning, it becomes the Club in the purest Ibiza style: the best DJs, gogós and performance within the night program, which varies with different theme parties each week, including the Keep On Dancing of the controversial poster.

The price for this "Live Dinner Experience" amounts to 250 euros (Premium Zone) or 215 euros (Main Zone) per person, drinks separately.

Images | Heart Ibiza Facebook
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