How the National Contest of Skewers and Tapas City of Valladolid became a World Championship

A couple of months have passed since the XIII edition of the National Contest of Skewers and Tapas City of Valladolid took place and with it the birth of the First World Tapas Championship and I am still reliving the great moments of this great gastronomic event. Today I want to tell you, beyond a chronicle of the event, my thoughts on how the National Contest of Skewers and Tapas City of Valladolid became a World Championship, assessing the reasons for the success of this event.

As it has been a tradition for almost fourteen years, at the beginning of November, the National Contest of Skewers and Tapas City of Valladolid took place at the Millennium Dome of the city, a gastronomic event well established in the national scene that this year is added as a novelty, the celebration of the First edition of the World Tapas Championship, in which international chefs participated competing with each other and with last year's winner of the Spanish National Contest.

Apart from the very high quality of the proposals participating in both competitions, we were all very curious to see how foreign chefs interpreted the concept of Tapa, since this is a typical Spanish food format. At least, it should be said that while the lid is more or less extended throughout the world, the concept of tapas or eating tapas is really Spanish.

The surprise was widespread since it was clear that participants from different countries fully understood this Tapa format, -plate made in miniature size, to eat in two or three bites and with cheap cost- to the point that according to the members of the Jury, the quality of many of the skewers or tapas that were submitted to the international competition, exceeded the level of some of those who submitted to the national contest.

The success of the call for both competitions has become clear, making Valladolid one more year in the World Capital of Skewer and Tapa, which is undoubtedly our most universal recipe, our peculiar way of eating, famous and imitated throughout the world.

After the World contest, it has become clear that this food format has everything to please any diner, to the point that Rafael Ansón, President of the Academy of Gastronomy, ratified his claim to get that soon The cover is considered by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity, as happened recently with pizza.

Reasons for the success of the National Contest of Skewers and Tapas City of Valladolid and its evolution towards the World Championship

Although almost all the municipalities and regions of our country have their particular contest or skewer contest, There are many reasons that have made the National Contest of Skewers and Tapas City of Valladolid the main reference in this gastronomic format, to the point that when talking about Skewers Championship or National Skewers and Tapas Contest, everyone understands that they are talking about the Contest held every year in Valladolid.

After observing the rise of the cover format abroad with incessant openings of establishments around the world, the promoters of the Championship have expanded the framework of the culinary contest with an international challenge and in the latest edition of the National Contest of Skewers and Tapas City of Valladolid curdled its evolution to become the First World Tapas Championship to which more than 90 participants were presented, of which He selected sixteen finalists, who went to Valladolid to prepare their tapas and participate in the first edition of the World Contest.

These are in my opinion the reasons that justify the success of the National Contest (and now also World) of Pinchos y Tapas Ciudad de Valladolid.

A) Support of the Vallisoletanas Institutions

Among those reasons, we highlight the support that the contest receives from public institutions, sponsoring the Contest, giving great diffusion to it in the streets of Valladolid and intervening in the opening and delivery of awards and supporting all the necessary deployment for a Contest of this level.

B) The place chosen for the celebration

For years, the National Contest of Skewers and Tapas City of Valladolid is held in the Millennium Dome, an emblematic place that houses the work area of ​​the participants, the auditorium for the public, the work facilities of the chefs participating in the contest, and the commercial points of the guest countries and the demonstration and tasting stands.

The venue has good acoustics, good air conditioning and is perfect for the celebration of this event, although in recent years, the influx of public has been so great that it starts to stay small, especially when the time comes for the presentation of the participating Skewers before the Jury.

C) The level of the jurors

The level of the jurors, both the National and World Contest was very good. He National Contest jury, was chaired by chef Alberto Chicote and was also composed of Javier García Peña, chef of Sibaritas Klub, Moha Fedal, MasterChef Morocco and Ana Vega journalist, along with nine other juries that alternated on different days.

The Jury of the World Tapas Championship He was also chaired by Alberto Chicote and also composed of Rafael Ansón, president of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy as honorary president of the jury, Pablo Vicari, of the Elkano de Getaria Restaurant, Daniel Méndez, of the Loft 39 Restaurant in Madrid, Pedro Martino, of the Naguar Restaurant, from Oviedo, Fernando Salazar, director of the Culinary Institute of America in Texas, Mandi Ciriza, vice president of Lifestyle Channels Networks and director of Canal Cocina, and Luis Cepeda, Journalist and gastronomic critic.

D) The twinned restaurants

As the National Contest of Skewers and Tapas is of national scope, a support from the Valladolid hotel industry is required during the contest. For this, a very good system was devised, which is the twinning of local restaurants. They offer, in addition to their own skewers, those of one of the participating chefs from other provinces, making it "yours" and thus supporting the participant. For this, the creator of the skewer, teaches the sister restaurant how to prepare it in those days.

E) The support of the city and its inhabitants

Public attendance was constant during the three days of the Contest

It is very interesting to see how this institutional support has moved to the streets of Valladolid and all Valladolid residents participate in one way or another in the contest, going to the restaurants of the city that offer the twinned skewers and also attending to witness the contest, try the skewers and support and jelly their favorites. Also, talking to people, you realize that They feel the Tapas Contest as theirs, something of your city.

F) The organization and the sponsors

The organization of the event by Gastronomicom News with the collaboration of National Prize of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy, Mr. Luis Cepeda, make this event have a greater relevance every year. This organization is accompanied by sponsors such as Norwegian Sea, Peru, Guanajuato and others that help to give the international dimension to the contest.

Special mention for Contest presenter, Goyo González that remained at the microphone during the three days that lasted the National and World Contests, making the times enjoyable and contributing their knowledge, humor and good work.

G) The quality of the participating skewers and tapas

It is difficult to make a selection of the different participating tapas that can help you get an idea of ​​the quality level of the participating Tapas and Skewers. Just look at the ones that illustrate this report so that you can imagine that both the national and World edition of this Valladolid Championship were at the height or above what could be expected, in view of those who had been presenting in previous years.

The New Zealand floating cover has surprised @albertochicote and the rest of the jury of # tapasvll2017 (video)

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One of the highlights of this year, has been the staging of tapas and skewers, its presentation or plating. Although at the time of scoring, the taste, the possibility of being a commercial reality and creativity were more important, there were some totally incredible presentations such as this floating cover that surprised the president of the jury Alberto Chicote.

Winners of the National Contest

Among the forty-eight finalists, these were the following winners:

Winning cap: Ensaimada crayfish, by Igor Rodríguez Sanz of the Ham Restaurant, Palma de Mallorca. Runners-up have been awarded Pepe Ron of the White Restaurant Bar of Cangas de Narcea for his White Veal Pepito, and Ramón J. Rapuyade of the Hostal El Portal de Alcolea de Cinca Restaurant for his cover "Lamb of my land glazed with tail".

Other winners they were the most traditional cover, by chef José Francisco Luque, of the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid, for his "100% Madriz !!", the most avant-garde cover, which Rodrigo Andrés Osorio Rodríguez, from the Amos Arbor, won in Villaverde de Pontones , for its cover, Cantabrian DNA and the winner of the best Tapa Concept, which fell to Íñigo Kortabitarte, from the Kobika restaurant in Vizcaya, with its "Lumagorri curl with mushrooms".

Winners of the World Contest

Among the sixteen finalists, these were the winning tapas:

Norwegian Oyvind Boe Dalelv, from the Statholdergaarden Restaurant in Norway, has been proclaimed World Tapas Champion 2017, with its lid Norwegian cod in crispy Jerusalem artichoke with seaweed. As runners-up have been awarded Saito Taka Yoshi, of the Mori Farm Kagoshima Restaurant, from Japan, for its cover "Wagyu Tapas" and Spanish Alberto Montes, of the Atrio Restaurant, of Cáceres, by its cover "In search of the treasure".

In addition, they won the prize to the Traditional cover, Fatima Namili of Dar Moha Marrakech, from Morocco, for its Pastilla cover, the prize of Top most Avant-garde, went to Francesco de Sanctis, from Sibaris Cocina Libre, from Peru, for his cover The face of the quinoa and the Best Cap Concept, Jonathan Grandy, from Heliport Brasserie, won it for his Garpacha red shrimp Carpaccio lid.

Video: 2019 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition hosted by Wil Wheaton (March 2020).