Do you feel anxious? These are the keys to make your diet the solution to your constant anxiety

I have heard thousands of times "my problem is anxiety" or "I am fat because I am anxious" and so many people who blame anxiety for their excess weight. The reality is that between emotions and food there is a very close link and anxiety can be a stimulus to eat and eat but we also show you that your diet may be the solution to your constant anxiety and thus, help you not only to eat less and better but also to feel wonderful.

Anxiety can lead you to eat

Who suffer anxiety They suffer from different symptoms that reduce their quality of life by conditioning daily activities and affecting general well-being.

The feeling of worry or constant fear, the perception of stress and nervousness all the time can not only cause widespread discomfort but also be one of the reasons we look for food, even without being hungry.

That is to say, anxiety can lead us to eat Being a stimulus for emotional eating. We seek to eat foods that give us pleasure and that "relax" us temporarily to relieve the symptoms that anxiety produces in our body. In fact, the stress perceived by those who feel anxious can be a frequent cause of obesity or weight gain.

Hence, the relationship between diet and anxiety is complex, since the presence of the latter condition that requires psychological treatment It can lead to poor eating behavior and poor quality dietIt can even make us fat easily.

But at the same time, that bad eating behavior can aggravate our anxiety, since we will feel bad physically, guilty of having eaten without control or unable to leave that moment when we eat and eat without any brakes.

So, anxiety and food are much more related than we think and the first one can take you to eat but also, with the latter we can aggravate the symptoms of anxiety or, control them.

How to control anxiety with the help of diet

Unfortunately, it is much more common to see cases where food aggravates anxiety than people whose diet It has largely solved the symptoms of constant anxiety.

However, a Good diet can be key for us to feel less anxious according to a study published in the International Journal of Endocrinology and in this way, we can feel better and raise our quality of life.

So some keys to control our anxiety through what we eat They are:

Include quality fats in the diet

According to a study published in Neuroscience, high-fat diets do not seem to affect the development of anxiety if quality is taken care of. That is, a high consumption of trans fats can impair brain functioning and induce symptoms of anxiety, while it happens to a lesser extent if we choose saturated fats or unsaturated fats typical of vegetable oils, blue fish, seeds or various nuts.

On the other hand, omega 3 is a type of fat whose brain-level benefits have been proven and far from harming us could be of great help to prevent anxiety and other psychological disorders.

Avoid simple sugars to the fullest

He sugar It is the number one enemy of our diet and not only because its excess can cause obesity, cancer, hypertension, tooth decay and other diseases, but as researchers from Brazil concluded, an excess of sugar can favor anxiety.

Of course, we talk about free sugars, which are easily assimilated or industrially added sugars and not naturally present in foods that, unlike the former, are accompanied by good nutrients for the body.

Thus, if we want to reduce anxiety it is advisable avoid processed and ultraprocessed foods which are habitual sources of sugar in our diet and at the same time, minimize sugar consumption of table, honey, goodies, sweets and similar in general.

Organize the diet and eat regularly

A disorganized, uncontrolled feeding, with irregular schedules and an unhealthy eating behavior in which after hours of fasting we eat large amounts of food can alter our circadian rhythms and this, affect brain functioning in a way that favors anxiety.

How much more organization, planning and regularity there is in our diet, less anxiety we will have so you can go to our light menu to build your own menu of meals and plan a healthier, tidy and pleasant diet.

Moderate coffee consumption

Caffeine, as well as tobacco and alcohol, They are central nervous system stimulants and therefore can aggravate symptoms of anxiety such as irritability or nervousness and muscle tension.

If we want to reduce anxiety through what we eat is prevailing Moderate coffee consumption and avoid alcohol intake as well as bad smoking as Harvard experts point out.

Eat high nutrient density foods

Fruits and vegetables in general, whole grains that have B vitamins and fiber, legumes, nuts and seeds filled with magnesium and zinc, as well as seafood, beer yeast and blue fish are a great help when controlling anxiety.

Both B vitamins and zinc and magnesium are micronutrients that they greatly influence the functioning of the nervous system, so they could contribute to controlling anxiety through what we eat

It's clear that Diet can be the solution to your constant anxiety, but they should always be accompanied by other healthy lifestyle habits such as not smoking, resting well or exercising regularly.

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