Chocolate croutons

I don't know what ordinary mortals will call fried bread in olive oil, but in the land of my parents, in the middle of Jaén, they are called that.

Ingredients for four people

4 slices of bread, ½ liter of milk, chocolate to make or cocoa, 1 egg, cinnamon and extra virgin olive oil.


A cup is separated from the milk and with the rest of that milk and cocoa a thick chocolate is made.

Then the bread slices are dipped in the chocolate, putting them on top of each other, they are soaked in the milk that we have separated and passed through the beaten egg. They are fried in a pan and once well fried they are coated in sugar and cinnamon and eat. As much as breakfast or as a snack, this recipe will cause a rage among the sweet tooth.

In addition to being very easy, it draws attention for its flavor and for its ability to fill the most demanding stomachs with portions that are not too generous.

I hope you like it and take advantage of it ...

Video: Chocolate Soup & Cinnamon Croutons (March 2020).