Vietnam and counterfeit Bordeaux

The phenomenon of wine counterfeit in Vietnam increases as much as consumption and according to experts, Bordeaux is the one who pays the duck for this fraudulent activity.

Bordeaux is the first wine that came to the Vietnamese market, becoming “bordeaux” a synonym for “wine”. This issue is seriously harming French wine growers. The representative of Ample Ltd. Youri Korsakoff, says he found a wine with a label that had ceased to exist years ago, proving to be a wine that should be consumed in the year of commercialization. And this could be due to the falsification of labels made thanks to the Internet, as if it were CDs.

What worries most is that the problem is not only linked to the Asian country, it is suspected that some of the counterfeits come directly from the Bordeaux region, although there is still no tangible evidence of it. Bordeaux has taken a bad name because of the terrible quality of the fakes, and this really hurts all French wines, because even the Vietnamese say they no longer want any French wine.

In its concern to join the World Trade Organization, Vietnam strives to curb wine counterfeits. An intellectual property protection law will come into force next July, and the Government has developed operations to destroy counterfeit wines and spirits.