Seasonal recipes to enjoy with the family on the weekly menu of June 18

It gives us a little bit of a thing to say (it is not going to be that the subject spoils), but it seems that the heat is here! At least that is how it feels in the central area of ​​the peninsula and we are not the only ones. This week officially starts the summer and, with it, rest time, school vacations, travel and relax. Thats why he weekly menu Today is loaded with seasonal recipes to enjoy with the family.

As we like to recommend, all of them (or almost) are recipes that are easy, fast, light, nutritious and tasty. Its common denominator: the use of seasonal products in many of the proposals of the week. Our kitchens change third to offer refreshing and more appetizing dishes that we can enjoy as a family.


  • Food: Campera salad and shrimp pudding.
  • Dinner: Zucchini carpaccio with orange.


  • Food: Pappardelle with seafood and tomatoes (Pappardelle with seafood and tomatoes) and turkey stew with paprika.
  • Dinner: Poke tuna and seaweed salad with avocado.
Tuna and seaweed poke salad with avocado


  • Food: Cucumber and avocado taboulé and sardines baked with parsley.
  • Dinner: Eggs in cocotte with tomato and goat cheese.


  • Food: Glasses of avocado, mango and cheese with prawns in trifle format and baked noodles with shiitake and chicken.
  • Dinner: Purifying salad with tahini dressing.


  • Food: Lasagna with green beans and gratin mozzarella and Moroccan-style chicken with claudias plum sauce.
  • Dinner: Roasted Peppers Salad.
Eggs in cocotte with tomato and goat cheese


  • Food: Roasted peppers stuffed with tomato and quinoa sauce and pork tenderloin with cherry sauce.
  • Dinner: Galician empanada of sardinillas with tomato carpaccio.


  • Food: Warm salad of zucchini, tomato and feta cheese and rice in the cauldron.
  • Dinner: Tuna with tomato and onion.

Snacks and snacks

  1. Classic gilda
  2. Crispy sardines and cream cheese rolls
  3. Homemade onion rings

Breakfasts, snacks and sweet treats

Breakfasts and snacks are important and should not skip them, because our body needs that extra energy boost. If the we take care with homemade snacks, our health will thank you. With a little planning we can prepare some pastries, bread, cookies, etc. to enjoy during the rest of the week. To these we add two easy and quick dessert proposals that are irresistible.

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