This is how a good diet can help prevent cancer (although it will never cure it)

He Cancer It is a degenerative disease that is closely linked to our lifestyle habits. Therefore a good diet can help prevent its development, although it will never cure it nor to completely eliminate the risk of suffering it but rather, reduce the chances of the disease becoming present.

What we eat as a weapon to prevent cancer

According to the World Health Organization between 30 and 50% of cases of Cancer they are preventable and to a large extent it depends on our habits within which our diet is included.

Therefore, below we show you what is a good diet that can help prevent cancer if accompanied by regular physical activity, adequate rest, and absence of toxic habits.

Foods linked to less incidence of cancer

Certain ingredients of our dishes can help reduce the risk of cancer, like the ones mentioned below:

  • Fruits and vegetables: its consumption has been associated in a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition to a lower incidence of different types of cancer. Therefore, a minimum intake of five daily rations is suggested and ideally, reach 10 servings of these foods each day. Your intake not only offers fiber and vitamins several but also variety of compounds antioxidants which could be of help for the prevention and control of cancer tumors.

  • Whole grains or whole grains: due to their richness in fiber, resistant starch and phytoestrogens, whole grains and derivatives thereof, that is, whole grains instead of refined They can help prevent all types of cancer, especially those that affect the digestive system such as stomach, esophageal and colon cancer or hormonal ones such as breast cancer according to research from the University of Minnesota.
  • Fish: Fish is a source of quality protein and its consumption displaces the intake of red meat that could be linked to a higher incidence of cancer. For this reason, fish intake was associated with a lower risk of cancer, especially those of the digestive tract, as Italian scientists point out. These results coincide with a study published in 2003 that indicates that fish, perhaps because of its richness in essential fatty acidsIt could help to prevent prostate cancer.
  • Vegetables: Due to its richness in fiber as well as being a source of resistant starch and antioxidants among other compounds such as phytoestrogens, higher consumption of legumes was linked to a lower risk of cancer in a British Journal of Nutrition research. In addition, a Nutrition and Cancer study confirms that a greater presence of ingredients of plant origin in the diet, among them legumes, is associated with a lower incidence of cancer.

The ingredients you should avoid in your dishes

Just as there are foods linked to a lower incidence of cancer, here are some ingredients that should be avoided in the usual dishes because they have been associated with a greater presence of the disease:

  • Processed meats: As mentioned by WHO a few years ago and confirmed by several studies such as in this case one published in Plos Medicine, processed meats such as sausages, mortises, frozen hamburgers or other cold cuts and sausages are linked to a higher incidence of cancer, especially , colon and lung cancer. These ingredients can have substances with mutagenic and carcinogenic power and various additives because they are ultraprocessed foods and of low nutritional quality.
  • Alcohol: unlike what we think for a long time, alcohol in small quantities is not beneficial, there is no safe dose and its consumption as usual or occasional drink or, to cook daily it is not recommended, since as a published research indicates in 2001 its consumption is associated with a higher incidence of different types of cancer, especially esophagus, pharynx and larynx.

  • Sugar: Among the many consequences of habitual and high consumption of sugars is cancer as a study concluded a couple of years ago. In this sense, we must avoid not only table sugar but also, all kinds of added sugars, easily assimilated or free sugars within which honey, syrups, syrups and the like are found.

These are the foods that should compose a good diet that helps prevent cancer and those who should not be present regularly in our kitchen and our table if we want to get away from this increasingly frequent disease.

The diet does not cure, but it can prevent and improve cancer treatment

As we said, the diet It does not cure cancer and does not reduce the chances of suffering from the disease to 0%, but as we have shown, may be of help to prevent its development if we insert it into a healthy lifestyle.

Also, while the diet does not cure cancer It can be a good complement to traditional treatment as a research published in the scientific journal CA.

A proper diet could increase the effectiveness of some treatments such as chemotherapy and also, contribute to maintaining or restoring nutritional status of the affected.

So, the healthy eating should always be a priority, not only to prevent but also to control and care for the organism before, during and after the disease.

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