New Spanish Cuisine, Creative Cooking Contest 2007

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Vichy Catalán, they have organized a Creative Cooking Contest in which twelve categories will be awarded: Best dish with rice, Best spoon dish, Best appetizer, Best sea and mountain dish, Best small piece of bread, Best dessert, Best use of water in the recipe, Best Petit four or prepostre, New technique, which will reward the dish for its technical innovation, Traditional cuisine, for the best innovation of a traditional recipe, Creative cuisine, which will combine the dishes made without any limit and Cooking with ingenuity, for the best innovation made with affordable products.

The contest of New Spanish Cuisine It also aims to highlight the true values ​​of the Spanish restoration, collecting and rewarding the effort, ingenuity and creativity of the chefs.

It is open to all restaurants, catering services and companies that are dedicated to the elaboration and investigation of culinary elaborations that are located in our country. Fruit of this contest and the winning recipes of each category plus the four finalists, will be the book "New Spanish Cuisine", which will be completed with recipes from great Spanish chefs that promote the new professionals of the stove.

If you are interested in participating in this new contest, you should know that you have time to deliver your recipe until next February 23 and the awards ceremony will be held in March 2007. If you dare, you can access more information through the web New Spanish Cuisine. Good luck to the participants.

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