Terrines, ideal to include in a festive menu

One of the elaborations that usually surprises by the mixture of the different ingredients that it can offer are the terrines. We can make them with fish, meat or vegetables and always provide rich flavors leaving the cook in a good place.

The name of this preparation is easily deductible, they are usually prepared in pots of cooked earth that are used to bake in the oven, hence it is called terrine.

A terrine is not a pate, do not confuse terms, terrines as a general rule are always cooked in the oven and in a water bath, while a pate is wrapped before being cooked with a paste that will form a scab during cooking.

But returning to the terrines, you can make the terrine with the ingredients that you like best, but one thing is immovable, the meat terrines are cooked all the same way. When it is a solid mixture, the terrine is usually coated with bacon sheets so that the preparation maintains its moisture. When it comes to a semi-liquid terrine, the mixture is introduced into a terrine previously greased with a little butter. Depending on the presence you want to provide, uniform or bulging, the terrine will be cooked with or without a lid.

Virtually almost all terrines should be allowed to mature at least a couple of days and should always be served cold.

Surely you will have prepared some truly original and tasty terrine, why don't you share your recipe with us? It will surely serve us as part of the Christmas menu.

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