Mr. Re, the drink that relieves the hangover

It was expected that after the OutOx, new beverages with similar characteristics appeared on the market, such as the new beverage that will be presented this year in the United States, Mr. Re, "The Drink You Drink After You Drink" (the drink you drink after drinking).

This new beverage from the Gemini Alliance company, does not include caffeine, although it is often recommended to fight the hangover, it does not have any preservatives but if it provides some nutrients that are lost when consuming an excess of alcohol, it is also low in calories. They claim that this Russian recipe was created in 1887, but it is now when the US company launches it for the first time in the US. Mr. Re comes in a can format and will cost $ 3.

Gemini Alliance intends to soon launch a drink to drink after smoking and another one after flying. The ideas to conquer consumers do not stop flowing, getting them out will be another song.

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