I International Cachaza Fair, Brazilian brandy par excellence

Have you ever tried cachaza ?, is the Brazilian national brandy par excellence. It is a drink consumed by the lower and upper classes of the country and that, thanks to Caipirinha, a great cocktail, is being known all over the world.

If you have ever tried the cachaza, you should know that it is essential that it has been handcrafted so that we can fully enjoy the flavor that gives us the palate. This is the message that was launched in the I International Cachaza Fair which was held on January 11 in Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro).

The cachaza is obtained from the sugar cane, the companies that elaborate it in an artisanal way call it cachaza de alembique, precisely at the fair there were 40 exhibitors that produced cachaza de alembique. Made with great care, with a meticulous selection of the raw material and with a longer aging time than when it is an industrial cachaza.It is as if we were talking about a prepared meal or a homemade meal, of course the difference exists. Hence, artisanal producers claim that they offer higher quality than industrial production companies.

We refer to the BBC Mundo article, it seems that artisanal producers use the so-called noble part, 80% of the content of the barrel is classified as a noble part, instead industrial producers take advantage of everything. Well, to tell the truth, few industries can know that they do not try to take advantage of all the product they deal with.

We who remember have not tried artisanal cachaza, but we will try, we are very curious about the difference in flavor. According to the advice provided by experts, the cachaza must have an alcoholic graduation between 38 and 48º C and if we use it to become a caipirinha, we must use white or aged cachaza with neutral wood, in no case aged with oak wood, since that would cause an inappropriate taste to the cocktail.

In short, they are data to keep in mind that they will be of great help to enjoy a renowned brandy.

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