Green Tiger Tomato, an interesting gourmet variety

At the stand of the Diputación de Almería of the XXI International Salon of the Gourmets Club, different products of the Community were promoted as exclusive gourmets, they were usually products from the garden, peppers, cucumbers or tomatoes, but especially this last ingredient, the green tiger variety tomato and that of the raf variety, for us the most exquisite.

In the stand there was a small exhibition in front of the attendees about the properties offered by both kinds of tomato, we will go directly to the green tiger variety since the raf variety we were already talking Direct to the Palate. The green tiger tomato is an original soft green tomato drawn by slits of a more intense green tone, which gives it the appearance of being grated. It really is an exquisiteness, since it is pleasantly sweet and has a soft touch of acidity which makes it appetizing, although it is a slightly less sweet tomato than the raf and the texture of its skin is a little harder.

We could taste the tomatoes in the exhibition that was in the stand Caparrós Nature, an Andalusian company with more than 20 years working the products of the garden. Your tomatoes can be purchased at shopping centers such as Carrefour.

They also offered a set of delicious snacks made with products from the garden that quickly disappeared from the table, in the photo you can see moments before the tasting.

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