Sweet live it, Sephardic pastry

Today a new book is presented in society with which we can learn more about Sephardic pastry. The book Sweet live it offers a compilation of pastry recipes collected in different parts of the world.

In the case of our country, Sephardic cuisine has been deeply rooted over several centuries, today there are still various recipes that, although many believe they have Spanish origin, actually have a Jewish origin.

The book in question offers known and unknown recipes, sesame biscuits, Shavuot jarabillos or recipes whose name infuses us with a more artisanal and familiar elaboration, Tita Hortensia almond cake, etc.

We believe it can be an interesting book, we will learn to make special recipes and learn a little more about Sephardic cuisine and culture. Its price is around 18 euros and you can buy it at any bookstore or online.

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