Foods of Chinese origin, possible health risk

The Chinese government acknowledges that the country's food production presents serious risks for consumption due to the continuous sanitary infractions of some food companies in the country. Up to 180 companies have been closed by the Chinese government to detect that poisonous substances were added to the food they made, which even produced the death of those who ate the food in question.

Of course this news can make many Westerners acquire some apprehension for Chinese products, since it has been found paraffin, dyes or mineral oils in mushrooms, cookies or Tolú among others. We have repeatedly purchased Chinese products but always in establishments of trust and always supervised by the control of the European Union.

The truth is that there is a real uproar that brings the Chinese government upside down, the allegations happen and the closed companies increase. Expired products, of poor quality or with the additions that we have mentioned, among others, cause economic growth in this sector, at least in importation to other countries, to fall alarmingly. In an international competitive market this is a serious mistake that is severely paid, you can not play with the health of the consumer. The Chinese government has registered no less than 23,000 cases of products with the aforementioned characteristics, and those that will not yet know…

Why all of a sudden concern for proper food processing? In recent years, deaths from the intake of poisonous food have happened and logically can not be ignored, and being impassive in the face of international expectations would not be advisable.

Already last year the action of the Chinese government allowed to requisition up to 15,000 tons of food that did not meet the appropriate sanitary standards, these resulted in 68,000 cases of false food reported. They may need other food control systems or rather, in general, since other products such as body hygiene products are also in the same situation.

Hopefully these products have not exceeded European controls and are not threatening any of the consumers who love Chinese cuisine, not forgetting the country's own.