Garden of Lucule 2005

A few days ago our friend Sobrevino recommended us this Navarrese garnacha of curious name: Garden of Lucullus.

The name recalls the gardens of the lavish town that Lucio Licinio Luculo (118-56 BC) had built in Rome after his military and political years. In them Luculus, tired of politics, sought comfort in the arts and in the satisfactions of leisure.

His great banquets were, and remain, prototype of lavishness, luxury, delicacy and waste. Even so, Luculus was a man of vast culture, a lover of letters, arts and gastronomy.

Some of these gardens are still preserved in the current Villa Borghese.

But we to ours: Garden of Lucule 2005

A wine that in the back label promises us: "In the garden of Luculo, among old garnachas, we find lilacs, oranges, violets, cherries, sensual nymphs and shameless fauns. After dreaming for five months in the barrel, it's time to live, enjoy."

Yes, in the nose we find cherries and blue flowers: lilac, violet. Also orange peel and roasted coffee. In the mouth it is a caramelito of cherries, with a very well integrated acidity and a soft and refreshing finish. No bitterness. Another good example of a rational use of the barrel and at the same time, of the magnificent possibilities of this sensual nymph: the Navarrese garnacha.

I only have one doubt: And the shameless fauns?

Garden of Lucule 2005

Denomination: D.O. Navarra / Navarra / Spain Varieties: 100% Garnacha Graduation: 13% Alc. Price: 7-9 euros Score: 8