No Anorexia, a picture is worth a thousand words

These days an Italian advertising campaign has been news that showed the harsh reality of the drama of anorexia, the message could not be more direct, No anorexia.

Anorexia is perhaps one of the best known eating disorders in our society, it is characterized by the drastic reduction in weight caused by the sufferer. During the last years it has been tried to know the brain mechanisms that lead to suffer it, an American investigation discovered that the disease was related to dopamine receptors, the discovery was well received, since it provided the possibility of designing new drugs to fight against she. But despite the fact that drugs can be important, the really important thing is to get society to acquire a real awareness about a food problem that increases day by day and that needs a total understanding and a change in social behavior that does not end by formalize

There may be a genetic predisposition to suffer from this problem but the environmental factors are the triggers of the disorder, the social environment and the stereotypes of beauty are mostly the causes. A healthy and balanced diet can prevent a person from being in the situation of the Italian model that appears in the video and has starred in an impressive advertising campaign.

They are shocking photographs, there are those who do not agree with the dissemination of this type of images and yet agree to watch during the mealtime, the news broadcast where human dramas such as hunger in the third world appear, the cruelty of murderers, the death of children ...

Anorexia is closely related to food, from Direct to the Palate we want to support those who suffer from it and we hope they can finally get out of that well that is causing them to lose their health.

We thought it was an impressive campaign capable of sensitizing society, but is it capable of sensitizing those who suffer from it or, on the contrary, it envies them admiring that extreme thinness?

Video: What is BULIMIA Nervosa? Kati Morton (February 2020).