Rico y Sano, a new healthy cooking program at Canal Cocina

Today the program dedicated to health and food rich in Kitchen Channel from the hand of nutritionist Arantxa Ezcurdia and chef Pedro Suquía, this merger could not have another name that Rico y Sano.

In the first space of this program, which will be broadcast from Monday to Friday, Pedro has prepared a Ragout of carabineros with potatoes and mango, while Arantxa explained the nutritional values ​​of each of the ingredients. Each time a rich dish will be prepared, always controlling the amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc., that we need in a meal, is ideal for all those people who want to have a balanced and healthy diet without sacrificing good taste.

While the cook shows us the preparation of the recipe and gives us advice on cooking, preservation or handling of food, among other things, the nutritionist introduces us from the basics in the world of nutrients, linking information with possible diseases that can cause excesses or with advice on how to feed if you suffer from any disease.

Naturally, from each recipe prepared they extract a table with the nutritional values ​​that we will ingest if we prepare the dish.

And if after watching the programs, you still have questions about nutrition, you can launch your queries through the Canal Cocina website, Arantxa will answer them.

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