Organic farming of the Guadalhorce Valley

I had the opportunity to meet Margarita and Amanda, responsible for different projects to promote the products of Ecological cultivation in the region of Guadalhorce: Ecological Guadalhorce. Visiting its website we can inform ourselves of the organic farming products of the area. If you don't know the region of Guadalhorce, tell you that it is one of the most fertile valleys of Malaga, with an excellent climate and great tradition in the cultivation of both olive groves and citrus.

The work of this association focuses on providing assistance to producers who want to get quality certificates. Another important part of his work is the promotion of this type of agriculture, trying to convey its advantages and culinary uses. For this they organize talks and courses in cooking schools, restaurants, schools, producer associations, etc. with tastings of bread, olive oil, olives, almonds and citrus. They are also creating a network of organic markets, which allow producers to sell directly to the consumer.

In addition to agriculture, they are also interested in other products in the area, especially goat cheeses and traditional pastries. Soon they will participate International Congress of Artisan Cheeses in the CIO Mijas hospitality center, and to which we are invited. At the time we will give a good account of this interesting meeting in which cheese specialists from Italy and Morocco are expected, among others. The gastronomic day is celebrated on April 22. Of course, I will not miss it, and I encourage you to come here.

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