The "Quick" Crayfish. Quick cook rice for those who have little time

Today I am going to tell you about a product that I could not resist trying after seeing it in the supermarket, and that as our friend Pintxo I am a lover of simmering.

The product:

Is about La Cigala Quick, a fast-cooking rice, which has been on the market for a short time (in relation to the average commercial life of a food product) and that is being very successful, so much that it already has several variants, such as basmati.

Nutritional value:

Despite being quick cook rice It does not lose any of its nutritional characteristics, it has the same caloric content (334kcals per sachet of 100 grams), in proteins (6.9 grams), carbohydrates (75.47 grams) and fats (0.54 grams).

The only difference results in the taste and preparation that we will talk about a little later.


All product variants have a standard presentation, it is a box of 500 grams. In each of these houses there are 5 bags of fast-cooking rice that are supposed to carry a ration for 2 people.


As for their preparation, it must be said that they fulfill what they promise, it is very simple, I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised.

Just place the bag in boiling water, with some salt and a teaspoon of oil and leave it for 6 minutes, then it is removed, allowed to cool and drain it is ready to use as an ingredient or to serve.


I tried it today and I have to admit as I told you above that I was surprised to be a quick-cooking product.

Of course it does not have the same advantages as traditional rice, you can not prepare it with your recipes since its preparation is through the bag or acquires, no matter how much they say in the packaging the taste of the way they acquire it in the traditional way, that Yes, I recognize that it can be an effective aid for quick salads, or if we want to make a dish with rice quickly where the preparation of this has to be simple like some zucchini stuffed with rice and meat or a rice in sauce.


It is a very suitable product for those who have little time to eat and do not want to replace healthy food or eat out.

In addition, it not only saves us time when preparing rice but it turns out to be a fairly product cleansed, a bag that is introduced into a boiler of boiling water.

In short, it is a product with advantages and disadvantages, but very useful on certain occasions, although it is not the perfect solution.