"Online" games for children to learn to eat better

Recently our partner Eliana told us about an original initiative, Eat for Goals, footballers write for children about healthy eating. Increasingly, our children spend more time watching television and playing with game consoles, so new trends recommend using these platforms to better reach them, especially with “online” games for children to learn to eat better, in a more balanced and healthy way.

Through play, children learn much better to choose the healthiest and most balanced foods, as well as to elaborate a daily menu and to recognize the ingredients of the labeling. The paradox is that we use video games as a weapon to combat childhood obesity, when in reality they are one of the main causes of the sedentary lifestyle of the new generations.

There are many initiatives in this area, but one of the ones that has caught my attention is the online video game proposed by Kaiser Permanente, from the USA, called “The incredible adventures of the amazing food detective”, and that has been developed for children between 9-10 years to promote physical exercise and healthy eating habits.

The game, available online for free on its website, also in Spanish, also has an option that prevents playing more than 20 minutes, to reduce sedentary lifestyle. It also suggests experiments to measure the sugar in drinks, recipes for healthy dishes, muscle exercise tables and activities for family play that encourage the follow-up of a better diet.

Other similar proposals are those of the Consumer Online School of Childhood Obesity, in Spanish, or the online resources of LearntobeHealthy.org for children (in English). For children aged 3-6 there is also the Smart Cycle as our colleagues tell us Babies and more, an exercise bike that connects to the TV and will guide the child on educational adventures while pedaling. An original way to avoid sedentary lifestyle.