The Valencian Bruno Murciano, elected best sommelier in Spain 2008

He Valencian Bruno Murciano Galician has been chosen best sommelier in Spain 2008 among a dozen participants in V International Days of Sommelier, held these days ago at the hotel training center CIO Mijas, Malaga.

The Best Sommelier Contest of Spain 2008 held within these days, has been organized by the Union of Spanish Sommelier Associations. In addition, within these interesting days they have offered tastings of red wines from Navarra, wines from CRDO Málaga and Sierras from Málaga, Rioja and Jerez, apart from other less orthodox ones, such as water tasting from different sources, and even coffee tasting.

There have also been conferences on applications of wine in the kitchen, like the Antonio Romero and Dani García, on the use in the kitchen of muscat and trasañejos. Josep Roca, from Celler de Can Roca, talked about wine cooking, and Jordi Soler, from El Bulli, about "El Bulli and wine, the parallel revolution". Ferrán Centelles, sommelier of El Bulli, spoke about "The wine and the touch".

Very interesting contributions, especially when cooking and wine come together from a very positive integrative global vision, I think, in order to better appreciate our excellent products. And it is that a good cook should also know and appreciate the wines that will accompany their dishes and that, in many cases, will be part of them.