Tuna belly with sesame seeds and piquillo peppers recipe

A very long name for a recipe that deserves that in the title all its main ingredients are reflected. The tuna belly with sesame seeds and piquillo peppers recipe It is a recipe from José Andrés' book that I told you last week.

Although the recipe is made with ventresca, for me the best option when it comes to making grilled tuna or even when it should be undercooked, it can also be done with fillets tuna loins. Of course, that is not bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean, we already know what situation it is in, we do not help to catch it.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 200 gr of canned piquillo peppers, 4 pieces of ventresca, sesame seeds, olive oil and salt.

Preparation of tuna belly

On a plate we put the sesame seeds and batter the tuna belly previously seasoned with salt. We reserve it and while we put a pan or iron to heat with two or three tablespoons of olive oil.

In a blender glass we crush half of the piquillo peppers with their own oil and season to taste. The rest, we chop and reserve.

In the hot pan we make the ventresca, a couple of minutes on each side. Remove and saute the piquillo peppers.

We assemble the dish placing the sauteed pieces of pepper, over the piquillo puree and over the slices of ventresca.

Processing time | 15 minutes Difficulty | Easy


Sesame gives a very special touch to this ventresca recipe. When heated in the pan they give off all their aroma permeating the ventresque, and the intense sweet and slightly acidic taste of the piquillo accompanies the dish and elevates it to the altars. How exaggerated! Come on, it's very tasty.

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