21 Valentine's recipes for vegans

The spirit of Valentine seems to have taken hold of us and we are unstoppable in providing ideas for menus, recipes, gifts and advice of all kinds. We want nobody to stay without celebrating it, so we come to the attack with 21 Valentine's recipes for vegans with which to solve a complete menu. From appetizer to dessert.

Among the wide variety of vegan recipes With which we have, we have selected five recipes of first, main and desserts, and six of appetizers. That we have not succeeded and do not fit you at all? Well, no problem, in our section of vegan recipes you can find many more. Surely some of your taste and that of your partners.

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To open your mouth

Lentil Hummus

Few snacks we like more than hummus and we know that we are not the only ones. Among all our recipes, lentil hummus loses us. Delicious accompanied by crudités with which we can also serve the classic guacamole, an alternative to nachos much healthier. And if we talk about healthy, this version of falafel that is prepared in the oven is the third proposal of Valentine's appetizer. You can accompany it with a yogurt sauce with which it marries perfectly.

You can also encourage surprise your partners with some skewers of mushrooms marinated in balsamic that are an explosion of tremendous flavor. Or with a mushroom and nut pate, spread on simple toast or crunchy crackers of chickpea and zaatar is pure bocato di cardinale.

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First courses

Pink tomatoes stuffed with pine nuts and raisins

We leave the creams and soups aside, which are great first courses, and we opt for original and different fork recipes. Pink tomatoes stuffed with pine nuts and raisins, for example, are very lucid and so is the vegetable tian whose presentation is most provocative.

Always lifeguards are salads and this of escarole, pomegranate and kikos with red fruit vinaigrette we like to rage, so we can't leave it out. In the mini avocado and quinoa burgers and the broccoli pan with spices and coconut you have two great allies, they are recipes a tad more elaborate than the previous ones, but nothing you can not handle. We are sure of it.

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Seconds or main

Linguine with shiitake mushrooms and nut sauce

Perhaps the main or second dishes are the most complicated, especially if what you have in mind is a romantic dinner and not a meal. Must ensure that they are not heavyThat is why, although two pasta recipes, we prefer to suggest Asian noodles or noodles with broccoli, turmeric and fresh scallions and linguine with shiitake mushrooms and nut sauce.

A recipe of recent incorporation in our repertoire is the mushroom and textured soy bourgignon, silver where there are them and great as main. Like potatoes stuffed with false Bolognese, in which also we have used textured soy With a magnificent result. Finally, the tofu in black garlic sauce, could not be missing.

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The golden brooch

Swiss chocolate pudding

And touches put the gold clasp to that lunch or dinner of Valentine. Contrary to what many people think, there are vegan desserts that go beyond the fruit salad and with these five recipes we will show you. How do you see the Swiss chocolate pudding that adorns the section? Irresistible right? Perfect for chocolate lovers.

For those who prefer other type of flavors, such as citrus fruits, vegan lemon flan or mango and orange sorbet are our proposals. Refreshing and light, as are the strawberries pickled in orange blossom water, take advantage now that they begin to be seen in the fruit shops. We close with the easiest ice cream in the world for which only two ingredients are needed, if you do not know the recipe for creamy banana ice cream ... you are already taking it!