Healthy breads, unimaginable flavors, creative pastries: where does the future of bakeries and sweets point?

The Spanish consumed in 2017 an average of 32.54 kilos of bread per person, according to agriculture and fisheries data, and 13.45kg in pastries and sweets. Some figures, which although lately have noticed a slight decrease, remain significant, and serve as a boost for sectors in constant renewal and search for improvements.

Healthier creations, vegan options or suitable for allergies and intolerances, more sustainable productions, new flavors with which to surprise the palate ... Today we are going to discover some of these trends of the hand Intersicop 2019, the International Bakery, Pastry, Ice Cream and Coffee Salon, which will be held from February 23 to 26 at IFEMA, Madrid.

The latest in bakery: less hydrates and more health

At present there is a great awareness about the importance of healthy eating and more and more consumers choose to follow a balanced diet.

This preference is reflected in the development of healthier breads, low in carbohydrates and high in protein or fiber, and in the use of gluten free mother doughs based on cereals such as buckwheat, rice, corn and quinoa, vegetable fibers whose use allows chemical emulsifiers to be removed from the formula.

He Original Protein Bread Rietmann BreadFor example, it has been manufactured taking into account studies on a healthy diet that highlight the benefits of consuming products rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. Achieving improved flavor of traditional whole wheat bread, and using non-transgenic proteins, such as soybeans with Austrian soybeans and lupine.

The analysis of the association Alimmenta supports that its nutritional qualities are ideal for those people who want to lose weight because it stands out for its low sugar content (only 1.9 g of sugar per 100 g) and the total lack of added sugars.

Contains 85% less carbohydrates than traditional whole grain breads and its high fiber content favors the feeling of satiety.

On the other hand, the Eco-Bio flours Ernst Böcker GmbH, specialist and European reference in rye, wheat or spelled mother masses, will also be presented at the fair by Tecnufar Ibérica.

Among its advances for the sector bakery are the gluten free mother doughs, based on cereals such as buckwheat, rice, corn and quinoa. Suitable for coeliacs and who guarantee more crunchy, aromatic and spongy breads. It will also highlight your starters with those who produce custom sourdough.

Visitors will be able to know the extensive catalog of malt, corn, spelled or rye flours, as well as thermo-treated flours and cereal flakes, conventional and malted, and the Eco-Bio quality in most products of the German flour producer Cerealien Bindewald. With them the possibilities of creating varied, ecological and healthy breads multiply.

Innovative pastry: the virtue is fair

Cakes, pies and all kinds of avant-garde sweets, with original ingredients and different fusions of flavors, will be exhibited over four days in the almost 300 stands of the Salon.

If we reserve them for occasional consumption they also have their space within a balanced diet and a good example of this is Bizabiz, a Premium sponge cake in 'on-the-go' format to consume anytime, anywhere.

With a responsible format of 70 grams, we can enjoy from time to time the delicious taste of a cake without having to buy (and finally eat) large quantities.

In the Salon they will be offered to taste different varieties of flavor of this mini cake, as well as other sweet originals; such as a black chocolate covered with semi-butter butter caramel or new puff pastry, made in an artisanal way and with quality ingredients to achieve a more crunchy texture and an intense flavor as before.

A good base to prepare from apple or pear tarts with caramelized cream, to delicious croissants like the new Suprême Chocolate Bomb, from the Panstar Group, which is made by whisking the butter together with the best cocoa.

Route through the new flavors of ice cream

The ice cream sector is characterized by its ability to expand horizons, something they have achieved again improving the flavor and texture of 100% vegan ice cream. As the Passion Fruit Sorriso Babbi: a passion fruit ice cream with pistachio cream and coconut crumble based on rice.

The high presence of fruit and its gluten-free components, whose star ingredient is rice, ensures the absence of milk derivatives, as well as sucrose sugar. In addition, the fat content is 60% less compared to a traditional ice cream.

The surprise color is provided by charcoal ice cream Black Hawaii Vegan from Prodotti Rubicone. An ice cream also vegan coconut water and raw cocoa beans, with a natural black color thanks to charcoal. Its formula without dairy or gluten is 98% fat free.

Another of the most innovative flavors produced this year by ice cream manufacturers is the Belgian chocolate ice cream Ruby RB1 from Callebaut. After dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate, ruby ​​is the most innovative chocolate discovery of the last 80 years.

A gift from Mother Nature that surprises and offers a completely new color and taste experience. Ruby RB1 is made with natural ruby-colored cocoa bean and has an intense fruity flavor and fresh acidic notes, without dyes or added fruit aromas.

But these are just some of the flavors that can be tasted at Intersicop, since as a novelty this year the Salon offers a fun tour of all the stands that present new flavors of ice cream: flavor of vanilla brioche cake filled with custard, ricotta with pieces of candied Sicilian citrus, cotton candy, coconut water and many more.

At the forefront of the sector: the latest technology

Innovation does not only concern ingredients and flavor. Over four days, we will be able to know in Intersicop 2019 the technological changes, the advancement of the sector, the latest in machinery, services, articles and accessories in bakery, pastry and ice cream.

We will also discover the novelties in packaging, molds and utensils; customizable machinery for bakery, display cabinets and cabinets designed to boost sales, kits designed to create modern author cakes; kneaders that produce masses of reduced hydration; customizable kitchen robots or Accelerated cooking ovens to serve crispy snacks in seconds.

Other of the many novelties of this year are the multifunction blasting machines, the machines of small dimensions to make fresh ice cream at the moment, the equipment for the production of artisan cones, the chocolate tempering machines, the solutions of industrial washing or the vertical packaging machines that prevent the breaks.

Also, applications, cash management systems and other services intended to optimize time will be shown, being digitization the key tool at the technological level for professionals who want to increase their effectiveness.

Know all the news: Intersicop 2019

Intersicop is an international reference in Spain of the bakery, pastry, ice cream and coffee sectors. He International Bakery, Pastry, Ice Cream and Coffee Salon reopens its doors to professionals in the sector on 23-26 February at IFEMA, Madrid, and will bring together More than 280 exhibiting companies from all over the world, which will present the latest machinery and raw materials.

The wide range of Intersicop 2019 exhibitions is only the first dish of the Salon, which this year offers an ambitious program of activities.

Among them, the best training with great teachers confectioners, bakers and ice cream makers through more than 40 technical seminars, and the opportunity to attend the Intersicop Forum, where they will be interesting success stories and new trends from the hand of professionals of great international projection.

They will also live live four national competitions: the II National Championship of Pastry Students, the III National Championship of Artisan Bakery, the III Championship of Spain of Artisan Ice Cream and MMAPE 2019, Best Master Pastry Craftsman of Spain.

The professionals of the sector who want to know first-hand these and other innovations in the Hall, can access the Registration service as a professional visitor. The Visitor Registry allows you to register as a visitor to the fair, and acquire and print directly the professional accreditation to access the fairgrounds.

In addition, registering as an Intersicop 2019 visitor includes Special discounts for the train, the plane and the car rental to attend the fair.

A meeting point for suppliers and professionals, manufacturers and distributors, students and schools, confectioners and bakers, where The future of the bakery, pastry, ice cream and coffee sector will begin to bake. A future in which new technologies will be key, but in which creativity cannot be lacking and, increasingly, the recovery of traditional and good work.

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