Xavier Barriga's Bread book

Bread, homemade and with the usual flavor of Xavier Barriga, is the book that I bring you today. I love that the bread is of those small great details that are increasingly taken into account in the tables of our houses. All that remains is for the big bread makers to make bread in conditions.

Xavier is known as the Adrià of the loaves. From his family business he has been able to give it the importance it deserved and this is shown in his book. More than a recipe book, which is, it is a whole manual on bread. From kneading techniques, to basic recipes for making doughs, natural yeasts, etc.

As for the chapters with crumb (I mean the recipes), there are for all tastes: classic breads, with fiber, candy, from other worlds, for children, gluten free, etc. And very interesting the last part to solve doubts or problems that may arise with the masses.

Now, they have indicated to me reliable sources (friends come on) that it has some errors when it comes to indicating quantities, that if instead of putting ml it puts cl and things like that. Well, at the moment I have not made any recipe and the ones I have seen seem fine. Everything is to start.

Bread, homemade and with the usual flavor

Xavier Barriga
ISBN: 9788425343261
Price 19.90 euros