Walk through the gastronomy of the network: delicious recipes to eat with your hands

Something has to give up the cutlery that connects with our most primary instincts. Obviously, not all situations and places lend themselves to it, but there are times when the forks are left over and the food even seems to taste better. At Walk around the cuisine of the network This week we collect many recipe ideas to eat with your hands, thinking about the good weather.

Lunch on the terrace, informal dinners at home, picnics and excursions ask for less corseted meals in which share pecking or dishes with which it is more allowed to get a little stained. Nothing that basic hygiene guidelines before and after the meal cannot solve. Do you have clean hands? Well, let's attack these tempting ideas.

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Tapas, snacks and snacks recipes

Marinated chicken wings that you don't miss a parsley

In a recipe book of ideas of pecking to use your hands you can not miss a good dip or wet cream. And, hummus aside, I have personal weakness for the baba ganoush of eggplant like the one Coral has prepared for Eco Happy and Hippie, also inspired by one of my favorite chefs, Ottolenghi. We could combine it with another vegetable recipe in the appetizer, the rich crunchy zucchini chips with cheese South south, much lighter than the potato version.

So that the most carnivorous do not complain we could also bring to the table some tasty chicken wings marinated “in good vibes”, which Elisa de Don't miss a parsley teaches us to prepare in the microwave, easier impossible. The only difficulty is to remember to leave them macerating in the marinade for several hours, it is the step that will make a difference when it comes to devouring them.

Gossip cod and pancakes

We continue with very seasonal ideas that already know Easter. In the blog of Alice and her recipes delicious potato and cod croquettes await us and in Gossip and pots Rocío suggests his addictive cod tortillas, essential at this time.

Continuing with the typical dishes of a lifetime, in Carol's violet kitchen we have the repápagos, a kind of traditional fritters whose recipe he learned from his grandmother. To complete the tapas menu, another classic that reminds me precisely of my grandmother, the homemade ratatouille ratatouille Cooking with Montse, always delicious, irresistible freshly made.

More consistent bites to suck your fingers

Tacos of lettuce with tzaztiki sauce from Gastroamantes

Leaving simple pecking aside, we have a whole world of recipes to eat with your hands that are already older words, such as the world of hamburgers, sandwiches, tacos or sandwiches, not forgetting the pizzas. They also support the mini format for sharing, such as the elegant smoked burgers proposed by Lidia de la O de Caught in my kitchen, with homemade rolls and candied tomatoes.

Paula of With the claws in the dough He shows us some succulent style style sandwiches pulled, to lick your fingers yes or yes, and in Gastroamantes We have a lighter and fresher alternative, lettuce tacos with tzaztiki sauce, in case we are a little worried about the diet but we don't want to give up the best flavor. The color on the table is most appealing, especially in the face of the warmest days that await us.

Pulled TA of With claws in the dough

Finally, we end up with two proposals that require a little more prior planning, but whose results are worth the effort. In Nines's things A purple onion focaccia awaits us that reminded me a lot of the traditional flammkuchen in a more Mediterranean version, which would surely combine deliciously with a cheese board on the table. It is also ideal for outdoor sharing or picnicking.

And finally, Eva, the teacher of the masses of Bake-street It tempts us with a Georgian specialty that I have long wanted to try, the succulent khachapuri or Georgian cheese bread that looks simply irresistible. A temptation for cheese lovers that can be crowned with an egg to finish rounding it.

Purple onion focaccia from The Things of Nines

I hope you enjoyed the recipes proposed in this Walk around the cuisine of the network prior to Holy Week. In seven days we will return with many more ideas to continue enjoying the kitchen during the holidays, which probably will not miss the French toast.

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