Build with biscuits

That the kitchen is something versatile and full of possibilities, it is something that we all know that we dedicate time to be between stoves, either as a hobby or professionally. That's why I loved watching these packages for build with cakes I found in Deli Garage.

These are prepared flour and yeast that include special molds with which we can bake a kind of sponge cake bricks, to build any wall or wall, knowing that later we can eat it.

The company that manufactures these special oven mixes, makes them both normal, and to prepare bricks flavored with chocolate. To build a wall we can superimpose the different bricks, or even glue them, using some jam or chocolate cream as mortar, depending on how caloric we want to make the resulting dessert.

With these preparations, which come in packages that recall the bags of plaster or cement, we can build with cakes an edible castle or prepare a cake with the most appetizing construction techniques.