Argentina closes its borders on the importation of ham

Within what seems like a series of protectionist measures of the Argentine government, a news item has appeared in the media that affects one of the star products of our country: ham. And apparently Argentina closes its borders on the importation of ham.

The issue is a bit more complex than it seems at first glance. All part of the fact that its meat production is not enough to supply the population, so it must import raw material, mainly from Brazil. This is something that the government wants to solve, and that is how an agreement has reached with the Argentine Chamber of the Chacinados and Related Industries.

According to that agreement, Argentine farmers are self-limited in the purchase of pig raw material from abroad, while committing to increase their own production. All in exchange for prohibit the importation of ham, not only from Spain, but from any other country, such as Brazil and Italy, which form in that order the list of the largest exporters to Argentina.

Seen this way, it seems more like a concession that the Argentine government has had to make in order to achieve a greater commitment of its own production, than a political “attack” decision. In addition, it must be taken into account that the Argentine market does not represent more than 1% of Spanish exports.

I have never tried Argentine ham, so I would not dare to comment on its quality, nor do I have information about the price difference between one and the other, but I am sure it is news that will sadden more than one, because there is nothing like a freshly cut Iberian ham.

Will the Iberian ham become a contraband product?

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