Walk through the gastronomy of the network: four energy ingredients and 19 recipes to cook them

You already know that some ingredients have the quality of satiating more than others. Our Walk around the cuisine of the network Today is dedicated to four foods with this quality and collect 19 recipes that during this last week you have published in your blogs with any of them. If you want to gain vitality and combat depletion naturally you just have to incorporate some of them into your diet.

Spring is a time of the year when we are especially sensitive to tiredness. It usually disappears after a night of deep sleep, but in some vital situations asthenia is accused more and night rest is not enough. If we feel fatigued, resort to certain foods to recover the vital tone It is a healthy option to restore our vigor.

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Nuts they are one of the best representatives of energy foods, which provide long-lasting energy and many calories combined with the fiber that delays its absorption and prolongs the energy action. Almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, peanuts, nuts, chestnuts, pine nuts, pipes, pistachios, etc., the possibilities to choose from are many and it is best to vary the fruit we choose, so we will benefit from the benefits of all of them. Our proposals are:

  • Baked cheese with roasted apple and walnuts with honey from Montse in Cook your imagination

  • Creamy gorgonzola cheese and Marina nuts in Aunt Laura's donut

  • Almond and olive oil sponge cake by Ana María in Cooking among olive trees

  • Homemade granola with chocolate and hazelnuts from Pilar in Passion for pastry

  • Peanut Butter from Mara in Sweeter than salty


Chickpeas are legumes with innumerable nutritional properties, Among them, its great energy contribution stands out. You can consume them already boiled, in which case you will only have to drain them and use them directly in your preparations, or buy them dry and cook them at home, in which case you will have to take into account that they need to be soaking in cold water at least all the previous night when you plan to cook them. Our proposals are:

  • Chickpea and Quinoa Meatballs from Silvia in Chez Silvia

  • Bea's spiced chickpeas in Bea recipes and more

  • Chickpea croquettes with Dolorss curry on Cuina de la Dolors blog

  • Chickpeas to the Hindu from Sonia in L'Exquisit


Avocado is valued, among many other qualities, its great energy contribution, so there are many athletes who include it in their diet. Although we must not forget that fats are its main component after water, so its caloric value is very high. Fortunately, their fats are mostly monounsaturated, that is, "good", so if we play sports we should not fear eating it. Our proposals are:

  • Maria Isabel rice and avocado salad in Morenisa's kitchen

  • Avocado toast with María dukkah chickpeas in Healthy Forkul

  • Avocado and Blueberry Cheesecake

  • Avocado cream with Rosalía crudités in Ross Gastronomic

  • Toasted bread with avocado from Mayte in Rustic

  • Lola blueberry and avocado cheesecake in Our stuff

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Surely many of you, as happens to us, feel special predilection for this ingredient. Its content in vegetable fat is very high and also, since chocolate comes from cocoa, which is bitter, usually when making it, a lot of sugar is added. Because It is an ingredient with high energy content. For all this, it is an indispensable food in athletes who perform intense exercise, such as runners, because it allows them to have their constant energy. The recipes we have chosen are:

  • Gloria banana, almond and chocolate cake in Ytreats

  • Chocolate flavors from Silvia in My sweet temptation

  • Easy chocolate and hazelnut bread from Montes in Apple and cinnamon

  • Chocolate braids from Macu in I have an oven and I know how to use it

Photographs | Healthy Forkul, Cook your imagination, Chez Silvia, Rusttica and I have an oven and I know how to use it

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