Weekly menu from November 5 to 11

We start a Monday as always with the review at the best of the week in Direct to the Palate with our weekly menu from November 5 to 11. These days we have brought you a variety of recipes for all tastes and I think you are going to be encouraged to prepare, because they all look delicious.

Inside the first dishes, recipes with egg, legumes and vegetables, dishes that comfort during these cold days, such as this cream of saffron cauliflower that Pam has prepared, or an original and full of energy green lentil stew with bulgur, recipe suitable for vegetarians that Liliana cooked. But if you do not go so much spoon dishes, you can start to open your mouth with an autumnal salad of escarole with honey vinaigrette or even with some minifrittatas of tomato, feta cheese and bacon that are prepared in a jiffy in the oven. And if you have Thermomix I would opt without hesitation for the orphan rice that Manu has brought us.

In the section of second courses, meat and fish to choose from. Very good seafood clams that you only want to see and if not, you will have to decide between cannelloni with meat, Pakus's house recipe, or some original meatballs in a soft sauce of rose petals and anise.

In the candy section this week we have opted more for pastries than for desserts as such, except for the fresh simple mango and raspberry strudel and the tempting coquitos prepared by Maria Jose. The rest, more than breakfast or snack than to finish a meal. Thus we have brought you:

  • Lemon Cornmeal Sponge Cake
  • Sweet Spice Bread
  • Quick sesame bread, to make in bakery
  • Lemon muffins with copete

In addition we wanted to participate with the blogosphere in the #diadelbrownie and for this Pam prepared a brownie with two chocolates that takes away the meaning of the pint she has.

But since in the week not everything is cooking we have also read two great books, Xabier Barriga's cookie box and El comidista's pop kitchen, the two highly recommended. We have known what is cooked in the Peruvian restaurant Tampu by Pakus and also learned how to light our kitchen following the technique of Feng Shui, to take care of our most delicate garments in the world, or to improve, when we have little time, our garden Urban planting fruit trees.

Before telling you until next week, remind us of our recipe contest with La Lechera where you can send your dishes and win great prizes, you are already taking time to participate. Well for today I leave you, I wait for you Monday that comes with the best of Direct to the Palate in this week that begins.