Meats for Christmas. Recipes

The Holidays arrive, and with it the need to find meat recipes for Christmas, of those that surprise diners, are simple to prepare and do not cause a catastrophe in the family budget. It is not an easy task, although I am sure that you will find one that meets all your requirements in this compilation with the best recipes of meat and poultry from Direct to the Palate.

I have brought you a bit of everything, from the classic veal to the cheap chicken, going through turkeys, ducks, pigeons and also the pig, a regular of our gastronomy that can not be missing at Christmas tables. Well, I don't get tangled up anymore, I'm sure you're looking forward to taking action.

Christmas recipes with veal

The veal is the queen of the meats, and as such, he must occupy his throne in celebrations. It is true that its price can sometimes be prohibitive, but an occasion is an occasion. In addition, the selection of recipes I offer you is prepared for these times of skinny cows, if you allow me the pun.

For example, we can prepare an English Roast Beef adapted to the times of crisis or use less noble parts to prepare delicacies such as this rib of veal with aromatic glaze, a false terrine of false hare (because it is veal) or an exquisite osso bucco to wine red, that although it does not look the same, it is very tasty.

For the classic entrecots and t-bone steaks Beef (accept my license), I can offer you three recipes to each one more juicy:

  • Beef steak with wine and strawberry sauce (although strawberries should be exchanged for another red fruit)
  • Steak with red pepper and black olives
  • T-bone steak with Roquefort sauce

Christmas recipes with pork

Although the pig does not have the same cache as the veal, it is also a good choice for these Holidays, especially if we choose noble parts such as tenderloin or sirloin, although you can also prepare a rich rib. I will start with the sirloin recipes, which are all really appetizing and festive:

Another option is the fillings, which always succeed, like this pork tenderloin with pear and candied onion. For more casual meetings, we can opt for caramelized pork ribs or a baked pork rib marinated in the Ibizan style. Jumping to another species, I can offer you this roasted shoulder of thyme.

Christmas recipes with turkey, chicken and other birds

Actually, the star of these Holidays is the Christmas turkey, or rather Christmas Eve. What happens is that with the increasingly smaller family reunions and with the crisis getting worse, chicken and other birds have won the battle. But if you don't want to give up the turkey, you can be inspired by this Thanksgiving Turkey recipe or also in this other stuffed turkey roll.

As alternatives to turkey, but without having to resort to chicken, I can offer you this succulent recipe for duck confit with caramelized pears or a traditional recipe for Christmas stuffed picantones. And to prepare something different, how to make duck ham.

Finally, of course, the Christmas chicken, we can prepare it whole roast:

Although it also looks great on stuffed rolls and other presentations:

I hope you liked the compilation meat and poultry recipes for Christmas, and that you have found some with which to entertain your friends and family during these holidays. If you prepare any, do not forget to tell us how it came out and if it triumphed at the table.

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