The best recipes without oven in Direct to the Palate

Who said that to make a good dessert you need a oven? And there are delicious sweet elaborations that do not need that 'utensil' that for many is a hell, never better said. In addition, there are times of the year when turning on the oven can be a problem, especially because of the heat. It is for this reason that today I present the best recipes without oven in Direct to the Palate because if you get along with your oven you should not give up making spectacular desserts.

There are no more excuses to sweeten our lives even if we don't understand each other well with grades, times or the masses. I hope you like the recipes that I have chosen for you and above all, that you get down to work and put to work in the fridge that will be the one who does the final work.


We start with a selection of panacottas, that dessert of Italian origin that means 'cooked cream' and that admits a multitude of variants. The basis of this dessert is cream and jelly to which we can add lemon, banana or cardamom and thus obtain three different desserts. Of the desserts without oven maybe it is the easiest to do so do not hesitate to try them all


The Mousses are undoubtedly within desserts without oven, one of the most famous, of French origin. In the language of Voltaire it means foam and it really is that, a dessert with 'air' which makes it delicate and irresistible for the palate. It requires a little more expertise in the kitchen but the result is worth it. By varying the ingredients we will obtain different mousses that will surely surprise you.

Cups and sweet cups

We continue with those desserts without oven in cups or glasses that will delight everyone and with a presentation that surprises and that if you take pains you will leave more than one with your mouth open.

Sweet creams

And what about the sweet creams, another of the desserts without oven basic. Most of the time they are fresh and constitute an ideal holiday weekend for our lunches or dinners.

Cakes without oven

And we finish with him dessert King or rather Queen, Las pies and here I have recommended you more than in the other sections that for that is the dessert king and all without oven. And it is easy to transport and when we are invited carrying one of these we are phenomenal.

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