What culinary traditions do you follow during Holy Week? the question of the week

We continue with Holy Week in the question of the week, and it is a religious celebration especially linked to gastronomy. We already asked you recently if you kept abstinence or what typical sweets you planned to prepare, but today I would like to know:

What culinary traditions do you follow during Holy Week?

In my town for example, it is unavoidable go eat the mona al monte well accompanied by a dried sausage (similar to fuet, but better, that it is something of my people), and in my house we always prepared dishes with cod, such as rice with cod or onion with cod, so do not hesitate to share the yours in Direct to the Palate Answers.

Last week's question: do you keep abstinence during Lent?

I was very interested in knowing if you keep abstinence during Lent, and the truth is that the answers have not disappointed me at all. There are all kinds, although usually no. The opinion of Ferchorias, the most weighted and valued:

At home it does not follow, but I respect the religious or traditional customs of each one, although sometimes religion does things as absurd and unfair as paying to be exempt from fulfilling them.

On the yes side, highlight the response of mscarmen_ps:

I keep it. Part for religious reasons and part for tradition, since in my house it has always been saved. As I do not eat meat, it does not imply any effort, since I usually do very little what I usually do on Lent Fridays, in addition to not eating meat it is to avoid eating sweets in excess.

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