Ramen Dreams, the passion of a Japanese chef for this dish in a short

The phrase that best summarizes the video that I bring you today is, without a doubt, "I love ramen"And it is that the protagonist of this short film is passionate about this typical Japanese dish, to the point that it has become the center of his life. When director Michael McAteer met chef Keizo Shimamoto he was trapped by his enthusiasm, and so the idea of ​​performing together arose the short film Ramen Dreams, "ramen dreams".

Ramen is a tremendously popular dish in Japan, which is gradually gaining ground outside its borders. It is basically a bowl of soup with noodles of Chinese origin, but the varieties that can be found are almost endless, depending on the broth and the ingredients that are added. In Japan there are hundreds of places that offer their particular recipe for this dish, there is a whole ramen culture between Japanese society.

The short film, winner of the first prize at the Fodd Film Festival in New York last year, shows us the work of Keizo Shimamoto, owner and chef of a small place in Tokyo. Shimamoto explains in English how he marked his life the first time he tried ramen being a child, becoming obsessed so much that it has been years in which a day does not pass without at least having taken a bowl of ramen.

Shimamoto began to record his gastronomic journey through the blog Go Ramen !, where he has reviewed more than 600 different ramen dishes. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he finally decided to turn his passion into the center of his life by opening his own ramen venue in the Japanese capital, while continuing to enjoy every new sip of soup he tastes. He inspired short film Reamen Dreams manages to convey his love for this dish, and certainly also whets the appetite.

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