Walk through the gastronomy of the network: Recipes that you want to bite

On this day how today we celebrate that the Celler de Can Roca has been chosen as the best restaurant in the world, it's my turn to give myself a Walk around the cuisine of the network and choose what for me have been the best recipes of the week, this time titled recipes you feel like biting because I bring you biscuits, breads and other things that you want to push the tooth, without thinking twice.

To start and I put the first one because I was speechless and also, I am especially excited about his return to the stove, a coke from llanda of carob and apple compote that Ximo in his blog Fentdetutto He prepared this week with mastery and that tells us that everything is going better and you don't know how glad I am. I still have this thin apple pie by Marga in The kitchen of the Casinas I can't wait to do it!

I continue with some coconut biscuits from Olga Pareja in Nina's kitchen that also left me wanting to bite 100 times, what a delight they should be and more accompanied by chocolate like these blog truffles Confectioner's Secrets. Choco and coco the perfect combination.

And what about this coca de pa? Typical of Mallorca and that Caty de Circus Day Take out of oblivion and show it to us all, I remember eating it as a child and what an illusion made me be able to have the recipe. And remembering childhood I found these homemade homemade chicken sausages from Celeste in Rich, rich and fat free.

Mayte's bagels of In your kitchen and mine, they did not leave me indifferent either, and living in Mallorca the German is for everything and many Sundays we have breakfast at home, I will not have to buy them anymore and I will be able to cheer up with my own. The same thing happened to me with the bread and several seeds of Choni in shared kitchen, fabulous.

And now three teaspoon recipes, on the one hand homemade yogurts with honey and pistachios from Luisa in Cooking with my Carmela, on the other, patricia's farangollo in Tell me it's friday and the third one salty, curd with asparagus and bacon chips To be Gourmet. Who can resist such delight?

And to say goodbye to this Walk around the cuisine of the network and you are recipes you feel like biting, a straight that caught my attention, a lasagna without béchamel in Apron or apron and is that I like the bechamel just what is perfect and was to see and want to do it. Have a happy week. Congratulations Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca for your prize. Let's go for the month of May, to see if it is flowery and beautiful.

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