Enjoy fruits and vegetables with the illustrated herbal of Valentina Raffaelli

The taste for the arts in general comes to me from my maternal grandmother and especially for painting and illustration since it was one of her greatest hobbies. It is not uncommon for this reason that any art and design show, in any of its forms, attracts my attention so much, perhaps also because it is always present. I'm sure if I had seen the illustrated herbal of Valentina Raffaelli to enjoy fruits and vegetables, I would have dazzled him.

This Italian architect, passionate about gastronomy and design, wanted to show in this small herbarium of fruits and vegetables her taste for them and the importance of its consumption, as well as the need to know the properties of each of these elements.

At the same time that illustrates the vegetable or fruit in question details the characteristics it has for example the potato, apple, pumpkin or fennel, for example, but that is not all because it completes your herbal with a wonderful recipe beautifully photographed.

He illustrated herbarium by Valentina Raffaelli It is beautiful and a perfect way to enjoy fruits and vegetables in a different way. I would love to have in the kitchen framed any of the examples that can be seen on its website that is gradually completing.

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