Seven daily exercises you can do to strengthen your back

September is the month of good intentions: we return from the holidays after a well-deserved rest to return to our jobs full of good intentions, and among them there is always the one to take care of ourselves more.

As we have said on other occasions, there are no miracles, but a healthy diet and daily exercise can help us recover our rhythm and lead a healthier life. In the space Ensaladissimas de Isabel We know that as important as a good diet is also to take care and strengthen our muscles, that's why we bring you seven daily exercises you can do to strengthen your back and gain in health, and well-being.

The back, specifically the spine, is the support of our entire body: taking care of the good articulation of the vertebrae and strengthening the muscles of this area will help you feel better and maintain a good posture in your work and in your leisure time , getting a better quality of life.


Stand on all fours, resting on your hands and knees, and with your back straight, but respecting the normal curvature of your spine. From this position, raise one arm to bring it to the height of the ear (eye, only to the ear): your back should stay aligned, just like your neck and head. Lower your arm slowly and repeat with the other.

Then, with both arms supported, lift and stretch one of your legs until it is parallel to the ground: remember that your hip should not be tilted, but kept neutral. Lower slowly and repeat with the other leg.

Over time you will have been able to strengthen your back, and you can lift the opposite leg and arm at the same time: it is a matter of practice and patience!

The cat and the table

From the same starting position of the previous exercise, go winding over yourself, directing your back towards the ceiling. It is important that you start from your hip, advancing it, and go through each of your vertebrae until it reaches the head, which we will hide between the shoulders, thus achieving the position that a scared cat adopts.

The posture of the table must be done just after the exercise of the cat, since it consists just the opposite. We return from our hip and place it in a neutral position. One by one we place all the vertebrae so that our back is flat (eye with curving the spine down). The head and neck should be aligned with the back on the same axis.

Stretch on the floor

From the previous position, we bring the buttocks towards the heels until our chest touches the knees. We stretch our arms forward and try to "walk" with our fingers forward. We maintain this position for thirty seconds to stretch the lumbar and dorsal area.

Roll on the ground

Lie on your back, with your legs bent, your heels resting on the floor and your arms stretched to the sides of your body. Bring your knees, with your legs bent, towards your chest, and return to the starting position. The area of ​​your lower back should be kept "round" to be able to roll safely and without harming you.

“C” shaped back

Sit on the floor with your legs straight, your back straight and your arms straight and parallel to the floor. From here, start drawing a "c", bringing the arms straight forward (eye, only the arms, not the hip) and upper back area, as if you wanted to "take out". Slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

Touch the toes

From the same position of the previous exercise, sitting with straight legs and straight back, we placed the arms in the shape of a cross. We flex the hip forward while joining the arms in the center, and try to reach the tip of our feet, and gradually return to the starting position. Nothing happens if at first you don't get to the feet: if you do this exercise daily you will see progress in a short time.

Performing these simple exercises to strengthen your back every day will help us find ourselves better, have a better quality of life and enjoy a healthier body that we must take care of with a balanced diet and adequate rest.