Baked Onion Potatoes Recipe

I love onion. Natural, fried, poached, caramelized, grilled, baked ... it is useful for everything, even to transform an envelope onion soup into a perfect dressing for this baked onion recipe.

Yes, you have read well, for this recipe, courtesy of one of my many lovely aunts, we will use in an unorthodox way an envelope of onion soup, only instead of dissolved in water, dissolved in olive oil.


  • 2 or 3 potatoes, an envelope of onion soup, extra virgin olive oil

How to make baked onion potatoes

This recipe for baked onions, besides being rich and original, is extremely easy to prepare. To start, we just have to peel the potatoes, cut them into slices along and put them to bake for 20 minutes in an oil-coated tray with the oven preheated to 225 ° C.

While the potatoes are being made, we prepare a menjunje with onion soup and extra virgin olive oil. We pour the contents of the envelope into a 250ml glass, fill with olive oil up to half or so, stir well and let stand, stirring occasionally, so that the onion "hydrates" with the oil.

After 20 minutes of the first phase of the baking, we cover the potatoes with our peculiar onion sauce and return to bake about 10 minutes at 200 ° C. Be careful not to miss your time, or the onion will churrascar completely and the recipe will go from delicious to inedible (it has ever happened to me, so I speak from my own experience). If you like more cooked potatoes, bake them a little more before adding the onion.

Processing time | 40 minutes Difficulty | Easy


These Baked Onion Potatoes They are perfect to accompany all kinds of meat and fish that we have baked with them (in my case, a marinated rib). Its flavor is intense and I would say a salty tad. In my family there are those who remove the onion cover for that reason, but still its flavor will have already been impregnated with the potato and will be equally delicious.