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Piperrada Tortilla Recipe

In summer there are days that there is no choice but to cultivate the leftover kitchen. This does not have to be sad or second division, there are meals that are even better if possible after a few days of rest and it is appreciated to spend more time on laziness, you know, a swim in the pool, a rod in the tavern from the village ... This piperrada tortilla has been the result of one of those days when opening the fridge and seeing some eggs you feel saved, and you also know that you will eat very rich.

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Meaning of the Tetra Brik number

You may have received an email where you are asked to look at the base of your Milk Tetra Brik to see what number is printed. In this mail, certainly a Hoax, the product quality is related to the number in the base. This is totally false. In a press release from Tetra Pak it is categorically denied.

We know the winner of the kitchen robot with All-Bran®

During the month of May we have launched the third and final contest here, in our Space 101 Ways to Enjoy. A contest with a succulent prize: a complete Bosch MasterChef MUM5442 kitchen robot, for whom you would answer which All-Bran recipe has surprised you the most and on what occasion you would prepare it.

How to raise good cholesterol with the help of cooking

When we talk about cholesterol we always imagine that it is best that it is at low levels in the body, however, not all cholesterol is bad but we forget that there are two very different cholesterol fractions in the body, LDL cholesterol also called bad and HDL cholesterol dubbed good cholesterol.

The authentic book for cooking

I am sure that many of you have a cookbook at home with some photos so succulent that you feel like eating the pages. Well, with the authentic book for cooking you can do it, since it is not a recipe book to use, but one whose sheets are sheets to prepare lasagna. The instructions for the recipe are screen printed on the dough - although in German - and if I'm not mistaken, explain what ingredients should be placed between sheets.

Klomp Ceramics, ceramic pieces of the most original

My passion for cooking has been arousing in me interest in other fields related to gastronomy, such as culinary photography, styling or history, and, how could it be less, also for household goods. The truth is that ceramics and porcelain also attract me from a historical-artistic point of view, and that's why I like to know new works such as those by Klomp Ceramics, a collection of the most original handmade pieces.

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Squares of rice paper stuffed with prawns and sea lettuce. Recipe

Today they have abducted me, warning me in advance, to go to Ikea to redecorate my life, that of my house and almost that of the whole neighborhood. But as it was a rapture with notice, it gave me time to make a square recipe of rice paper stuffed with shrimp and sea lettuce. With the holidays I had lost the habit of making an Asian recipe a week, but thanks to the seafood oil I was able to reuse the prawns.

Some great allied foods when quitting

If you are a smoker, you have many possibilities of being among that 60% who have tried to quit ... and could not, a figure that from my experience I think is much higher. Tobacco is harmful, we know, but many do not realize until the addiction is so strong that quitting is almost impossible, so they are linked to remedies such as patches, pills, sprays or electric cigarettes, but the truth is that The best help to leave it is not as far as we think, it is precisely in food.

Genetically modified salmon for evaluation

It has been a while since genetically modified foods stopped being first page owners. Perhaps it is because we are more accustomed to hearing the genetic word, or perhaps that in recent times there have been stories and problems that attract us the most attention, but that we hear about them regularly, does not mean that research on this topic is Stops, nothing is further from reality.

Low fat cooking

If you want a healthy meal that is also not tasteless or boring, the book Low-fat cooking can teach you to prepare really delicious and very low-fat dishes. The secret is knowing how to use fats correctly to enjoy the flavors of each food. We can cook many recipes, whether traditional or modern, in a very healthy way and with a delicious result.

Raisins rolls. Recipe

It is not that we are transforming DaP into an Anglo-Saxon-speaking blog, much less, if it were I would not be here since my command of English is totally null, but the few words I know are related almost exclusively to the gastronomic theme, what What happens is this is a sweet so typically Yankee that the least I have been able to do is respect his name, raisins rolls or what happens to be the same raisin rolls.

How to fry peppers with oil and water so that they are tender on the inside and browned on the outside (how possibly your grandmother did)

A few days ago, my partner Miguel Ayuso gave me some green peppers from his garden, one of them tangled in red, and when I told him that I was going to fry them with water he was very surprised. My grandmother always did this and since not everyone knows this technique, I tell you how to fry peppers with oil and water so that they are tender inside and golden on the outside in case you feel like trying them.

What is gofio and how to use it in the kitchen

If you have been to the Canary Islands, you will undoubtedly have tried several recipes in which this food is involved. For those who have not gone or do not know this ingredient, today we tell you what gofio is and how to use it in the kitchen since it is a product with many nutritional properties that can be interesting to incorporate into our diet.

Cheek in sauce: 11 ideas to succeed in these holidays

The cheek is a cut of the veal or pork that comes from the skunk. In fact, the cheek is the animal's skunk. The term cheek is also used to refer to it, so if you see the latter somewhere, do not feel confused, it is the same. It belongs to the farmhouse, although it is very different from the rest in terms of texture, flavor and appearance.