Salmon tartare with sour cream and roe

This is a very elaborate entree that will leave all diners very good taste, its preparation is quite fast. The ingredients 300 grams of fresh salmon, 100 grams of smoked salmon on loin, 1 avocado, 3 pickles, 1 tablespoon of capers, 2 chives, a teaspoon of dill, 200 milliliters of cream, 50 grams of salmon roe, 1 lemon, 1 lime, 50 milliliters of lime juice, chopped chives, olive oil and salt.

Dishes, straws and even edible bottles: this will be the (sustainable) containers of the future

According to figures detailed by the World Economic Forum, if in 2014 311 million tons of plastics were produced, it is estimated that in 2050 we will reach about 1,124 million tons. This means that there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. The alternative to disposable plastics will no longer be a matter of activism or CSR, but a legal obligation Luckily (or, rather, by obligation) disposable plastics have their days counted.

A millenary honey wine is made again

Thanks to some agricultural texts from the Roman era, to the knowledge of several winemakers, an oenologist and a historian, a millenary honey wine that has begun to be marketed under the name of "Vinum Mulsum" is re-elaborated. This wine was presented on May 7, in the framework of the 13th Live Tarraco Festival held in Tarragona and dedicated to the dissemination of the Roman era.

Bread sticks weapons of war?

If it were not for the serious situation of crisis that we are experiencing, news such as the so-called “war of bread” would not go beyond being anecdotal, and that is that the decrease in the price of this product, led by a Valencian workshop, has meant a revolution in the bakery sector, will the bread sticks serve as weapons of war?

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Three recipes for iced tea

Although they tell us that the heat wave has passed and it is true that the temperatures are no longer as hot as those of the last week, the truth is that in summer we should hydrate regularly. Among other options, cold tea is an excellent choice to drink more liquid. Today I am going to tell you how to prepare three recipes for iced tea that will help you refresh and replenish fluids.

American Spaghetti Recipe with Meatballs

The American recipe for spaghetti with meatballs or spaghetti meatballs is a peculiar recipe of the Italian-American culture in which pasta and spicy tomato sauce with roasted meat balls are the protagonists. This dish is not a simple pasta dish with a Bolognese sauce with meat agglutinated in meatballs, but it has a special point that is given by the mixture of techniques used.

Sweet live it, Sephardic pastry

Today a new book is presented in society with which we can learn more about Sephardic pastry. The book Sweet Live it offers a compilation of recipes pastries collected in different parts of the world. In the case of our country, Sephardic cuisine has been deeply rooted over several centuries, today there are still various recipes that, although many believe they have Spanish origin, actually have a Jewish origin.

Recipes to enjoy pregnancy

Many pregnant women have certain doubts about the food they should carry during the gestation period, while they want to continue enjoying the food with tasty recipes and that they enter through the eyes (and smell). With the book Recipes to enjoy pregnancy, you will surely find good dishes to enjoy eating, in addition, the gourmet and author of the book, Montserrat Roig, advised by gynecology specialists and dieticians, offers natural remedies to alleviate the typical passenger discomforts pregnancy.

Whole wheat and rye bread with sourdough. Bakery Recipe

The more breads I bake, the more I like it, and that I don't dedicate as much time as I would like. My great challenge is to dare with more complicated processes and recipes that require more time and a better mastery of advanced techniques, but as the day comes I am content with what I know works for me.

7 meat recipes to pair with a very cold Mahou

As we did with the fish recipes, today we want to present 7 meat recipes to pair with a very cold Mahou. The meats work very well in the company of beer, whether it is used within the dish itself for cooking with beer as an ingredient, as for serving as a drink, giving the contrast and counterpoint to the chosen dish.

Seafood stew. Recipe

For me it is a pleasure to get into the fish market and organize the life of each of the specimens exposed there. With you I would make a sweet rice, I would fill you with ... you roast you must be delicious. With a horse mackerel, a piece of needle, 3 squid and a handful of prawns and half a dozen mussels I will prepare today, this recipe of seafood casserole that is a real pleasure for the senses.

New biodegradable plastic for composting to pack oil

The environment and its preservation is a topic that generates greater concern every day, there are several companies that seek harmony between the work they do and the environment. In this case we are talking about a packaging manufacturer that has developed a new biodegradable plastic by composting to pack liquid gold.

Black cod, an exquisite product

Few are the places in the world where we can find fish similar to those found in the waters of the Alaskan coast, it can be said that it is one of the last refuges for some marine species that are threatened with extinction in other places . It is not the case of a species that can be fished in the waters of Alaska and that is under strict control that guarantees its sustainability, it is black cod.

Descorchados, social network about wines in Spanish

Through Degústalo we know a new social network that in this case revolves around the world of wine, this passion increasingly extended among young people is expanded in the network, fortunately also in Spanish. Descorchados is the social network where the taste for wine is known, tested and shared.

Meatball tagine with eggs. Recipe

Although, as you can see, I have made this meatball tagine with eggs in a casserole dish, I have preferred to leave it the original name since it is a stew full of Moroccan aromas and I do not think that the result is very different from that made in the traditional container. If you have a good wide and low-casserole casserole dish you can make this dish without problems and I assure you it is worth it.

Croquettes, our friends

Oh, the croquettes! First I must explain that of "Croquettes, our friends". Really the whole post, explains the title, but I can summarize it in a simple and plain, who doesn't like croquettes? From the smallest to the oldest croquettes are surely one of the dishes or recipes that we like the most.